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‘KUWTK’ Star Kendall Jenner Named Creative Director of Online Luxury

‘KUWTK’ Star Kendall Jenner Named Creative Director of Online Luxury

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters have officially taken over the online luxury market with their newest venture, Kendall Jenner named creative director. The line will be available in stores like Nike and Gucci as well as on various social media channels including Facebook ad Instagram page Juicy Couture’s app where users can purchase clothes without leaving their home!

The famous family of reality stars has become entrepreneurs who run a major company called “Kendall + Kylie,” which produces high quality clothing at an affordable price point through innovative marketing strategies while still maintaining profits from sales like traditional companies

With all of these new TV shows and online content, it’s no surprise that one is tackling the fashion world. The Keeping Up With Kardashians star has been named creative director for an up-and-coming website in Los Angeles called Online Luxury!
The site will offer designers from around Europe a chance at getting their collections seen by millions without ever having to leave home – just like our current favorite reality show on air . According to reports , Kendall Jenner was chosen specifically because she shares similar values as many people who work there; namely being able “to balance personal life with professional responsibilities.”

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