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Kristen Stewart DISHES On First Gay Role in Holiday Movie

Kristen Stewart DISHES On First Gay Role in Holiday Movie

Kristen Stewart is opening up about starring in Hollywood’s first Christmas movie featuring an LGBTQ+ couple, and how much the film has potential to help those struggling to come out. We all love a good holiday romcom, but let’s be honest — whether boy gets girl as his one dying Christmas wish, or girl becomes magically reunited with her family, they’re all a little cliche… Thankfully the newest Christmas flick,

Happiest Season, starring Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis shares a whole new take on holiday cheer as it becomes the first-ever mainstream studio Christmas film to feature a gay couple as the focus. Happiest Season follows Abby, played by K-Stew, who plans on proposing to her girlfriend Harper, played by Mackenzie, but come to find out, Harper still hasn’t come out as the two plan to spend the

holidays with her conservative parents. Abby struggles throughout the film as Harper introduces her to the family as her friend and roommate, while Harper struggles with this realization and sense of self acceptance. The film has since broken premiere records for Hulu,

garnering the best viewership for any original film on the streaming service in its opening weekend and attracting more new subscribers than any other previous feature title. Both Kristen and Mackenzie sat down with Glamour magazine to chat about their role in the film, and even revealed that this movie would’ve helped them growing up, whether they were gay or straight. Kristen explained that although she was lucky

enough not to have to “contend with judgemental energy” in terms of being around a family that didn’t accept her, that QUOTE, “I would have loved to have seen this movie, but I only know that in retrospect, and sometimes you need to be shown things before you know you need

them.” Mackenzie chimed in, adding that, as a straight person QUOTE, “This is why representation matters! It doesn’t only help the people who are being represented in the thing, it also normalises a thing that up until that point maybe hasn’t been normalised in mainstream

entertainment.” Happiest Season is directed by Clea DuVall, who came out a few years before Kristen came out as bisexual back in 2017. Kristen gushed about taking on the role with Clea and bringing it to life. She said QUOTE, “That Clea is the one telling the story, it makes it

feel right. If it was coming from a different perspective, it would be opportunistic, token and weird.” Kristen also admitted that she was desperate to help bring this movie to life, saying, “I would have felt totally jealous if I wasn’t cast in this movie. When I read the script and I

knew that it was attached to a studio, that it had a big budget behind it and that it was brilliantly accessible, cute and funny, and wasn’t overwrought, I was so relieved.” She continued to gush about how grateful she was to take on such a pivotal role, and was optimistic about

the conversation people should continue to be having about normalizing one’s sexual orientation. “I’m so happy to be in a movie that is inviting and part of a conversation that can be argumentative and sort of divisive. The movie has open arms, and is not even judgemental of the people who are judgemental in the movie.” Although Kristen admits we’ve come a long way as a society in normalizing coming out, she

did explain that it would still be a “really fringy perspective to think the fear has been sucked out of the idea of telling everyone.” “To think that we’re not as divided as we are is actually just not very helpful because it’s not real.” As for what it was like working with such a star-studded cast including Dan Levy, Allison Brie and Aubrey Plaza, Kristen revealed that after not having worked in a while and diving into this

role head first, she felt slightly nervous and intimidated. She recalled QUOTE, “As soon as we started I realised that everything became funnier the more relaxed it got and the more committed everyone was. So any kind of pressure or intimidation that I brought into it in the beginning was pretty quickly washed away.”

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