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Kim Kardashian Posts Cryptic Message After Larsa Pippen Fallout & Marital Issues

Kim Kardashian Posts Cryptic Message After Larsa Pippen Fallout & Marital Issues

Kim Kardashian just shared some cryptic posts amid her ongoing rumored marriage troubles with Kanye West and her public drama with ex-BFF Larsa Pippen. There’s been a lot going on with Kim Kardashian over these past few months. Whether that was her husband Kanye West running for president and airing out their very personal family drama on his campaign trail. “I almost killed my daughter.” Or just going on

other various rants, both in interviews and on Twitter, even mentioning a potential divorce. “We’re all on medication right now. Did you use toothpaste with fluoride today? It blocks your pineal gland.” Meanwhile, amid all this, Kim’s former friend Larsa Pippen went on a podcast

and claimed that it was Kanye, who turned the entire Kardashian family against her. Larsa also said that she dated Tristan Thompson before Kim’s sister Khloé… which put Khloé in a weird position given she publicly shamed Jordyn Woods for doing the same thing that Larsa is

claiming she did. “I kinda was seeing Tristan before Khloe, before Khloe or any of them even knew he existed.” It’s safe to say it’s been a hectic few months in the Kardashian households. At one point, Kanye even threatened to leave the United States after losing the election, while Kim finally publicly supported Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ win. For a while, rumors have swirled around that there was trouble in

paradise in Kim and Kanye’s marriage and this didn’t seem like a good sign. And now Kim is doing what she does best, taking to social media to share her feelings… cryptically of course. On Tuesday night before bed, Kim shared a series of selfies from bed before she got into her real night time thoughts. Kim started off by reposting this quote from the account The Positive Minds that says “zone out all the irrelevant shit

and just focus on you.” Alongside the post, Kim wrote, “my vibe today.” But she didn’t stop there. Kim shared yet another post that said, “If it costs you your peace, it’s too expensive.” Then she seemingly decided to eat her feelings, no judgment here, and shared some delicious

looking In-n-Out burgers and cheese fries. But fast food aside, fans were quick to wonder who Kim’s posts were about. One person wrote quote, “who of Kim talking bout here? this bout her man Kanye? or that Larsa? or maybe even her family. IDK these days. these Kardashians w

these posts keep me up at night y’all.” And this fan said “@KimKardashian you good? who’s taking your peace? we’ve got ur back” Kim hasn’t said anything else about these cryptic quotes, but we know this wouldn’t be the first time a Kardashian sister posted something like this on their stories. Since they are such public figures and maybe aren’t ready to say how they really feel, they post quotes to cue their fans in on where they’re at. Before Khloé Kardashian ever spoke publicly about Tristan Thompson cheating on her, she famously addressed the scandal

with a series of quotes on her IG stories. So hopefully whatever Kim was posting about, whether it’s her marriage, her friendships, or anything else, gets sorted out.

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