Kevin Costner & Diane Lane Gush Over Teaming Up Again In ‘Let Him Go’

Kevin Costner & Diane Lane Gush Over Teaming Up Again In 'Let Him Go'

Kevin Costner & Diane Lane Gush Over Teaming Up Again In ‘Let Him Go’

teaming up with kevin again what was the highlight of that for you it was like a good meal that you want to have again we knew that we had chemistry and we wanted more to work with you know playing the kent in the superman film and man of steel yeah so we met as husband and wife and that had already been a kind of long-term relationship so we cozied up into this instant familiarity and now we wanted more of a place to put it so here we are you’re going with me or without

me what would you say was the highlight of teaming up again with diane kind of knowing that i was going to do it and knowing that it was a project that made sense this time around kevin and diane play a husband and wife who are grieving over the death of their son the couple then sets out to rescue their young grandson from the clutches of a dangerous

family the kind of the fundamental of a man who will support his wife even when she is going down the wrong road it shows the power of women and the men who love them that and women have to be careful when they drag their man someplace you know he’s saying to her all along it’s ethically and morally right but it’s not right we’re we’re headed to a

place that we might not recover it feels authentic of a couple who are living a life and get sucked into events that you could not have predicted it’s a problem that becomes scary yeah and it’s a movie about loyalty we’re enemies now yellowstone the most watched show on our streaming channel peacock and the most watched on cable you can tell me if

you survive season three you’re not gonna do it i tried oh oh oh wait wait a second so who shot me is that what you’re saying uh what if i whisper to you yeah just speak to the microphone would you whisper yeah yeah yeah so you just stop it fair fair i tried i did what i could

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