Katy Perry Used To Pretend To Be Zooey Deschanel


officially seeing double this week katy perry and zoe deschanel joined forces for a fun instagram live where they chatted about their twin connection the two have been making people do a double take for more than a decade starting when katie first moved to los angeles at that point zoe’s star power was huge and katie was just an up-and-comer so she used their similar looks to her advantage i have to admit something zoe when i came to la i was pretty much a nobody and you were like just getting so huge at that time it was like zoe deschanel ran the world when i first got to la i went to the club a lot and i wanted to get into the club and i had no money and um i had no clout i had

nothing and sometimes i would pose as you to get into the club it turns out that katie’s secret wasn’t so secret after all well i know this because you’re like i saw you no that’s a goody two shoes and people kept going like i saw you out like i made eye contact with you and i was like no while zoey was a goody two shoes katie wasn’t afraid to let loose let’s be honest i was i got pretty like crunk in the club i was a wild

child i mean when i moved to la when i was 17 years old from 17 till about 23 when i kissed a girl came out i was like i was turned up to 11 at the club so um i am i’m sorry if i misrepresented you i wanted to say that now it’s a compliment it’s a compliment katie’s club disguise didn’t fool everyone though some people would call me foey which is a fake zoe now years later katie and zoe are using their doppelganger status to

work together the american idol judge just dropped the music video for her song not the end of the world and she tapped zoey to star in it in the video the new girl alum gets abducted by aliens who think she’s katie the whole thing is hilarious and katie revealed that her reason for

asking zoey to help out was because she was busy with her baby girl daisy dove and so i called you up and i had this idea that zoe would step in while i was taking a little bit of a leave obviously being a mother of two you know exactly how it feels and i was like what a great chance because for so long we’ve had this you know funny relationship friendship but obviously like people think we look alike