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Katherine Heigl reveals the REAL reason she left Grey’s Anatomy

Katherine Heigl reveals the REAL reason she left Grey’s Anatomy

When asked about her reasons for leaving Grey’s Anatomy, Katherine Heigl said that it wasn’t just the money or fame that convinced her to leave. In an interview with Glamour magazine she revealed a turning point in particular:
“A few weeks after shooting my last scene on “Grey’s,” I was having lunch with friends from work when one of them Recommended me this book called The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday who writes at Inc.. It talks all about how focusing your energy and attention outwardly can help us evolve as human beings because obstacles are part our journey towards greater things.”

Katherine Heigl revealed the REAL reason she left Grey’s Anatomy and it surprised even herself. She told Glamour Magazine, “So many people will do anything for success but my turning point is realizing that I wanted something different.”

“This article was so much about me – who am I as a person,” says Katherine Heigl of her decision to leave Greys anatomy last year after six seasons on-screen time playing Dr Addison Forbes Montgomery., “I find myself reflecting now in recent months whenever someone asks if there have been any changes or developments since becoming famous”.

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