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Kagiso Rabada Talks About Dressing Room And Team Morale Of Delhi Capitals

Kagiso Rabada Talks About Dressing Room And Team Morale Of Delhi Capitals

you went away last year and delhi capital sort of lost their way a little bit when i was speaking to shresh on this very show and he said the same that you know you were missed and missed so early this year no world cup you’re there for the full time the team’s looking good almost on th everge of play offs you think this is delhi capitals a year more because of the balance that you guys have despit einjuries nothing sort of you know you guys are looking superb so talk to me about the dressing room the team morale the team mentality and the rest of the tournament look the team has like managed i thinki t’s managed extremely well by the managementi think ricky’s done a great job i thinks hreyas has done a great job i think the senior players i would consider myself a senior player because of the amount of cricket that i’ve played so you’ve got shikha the reajinkya i got myself there astonished played a so so you got quite a few guys who areinternationally experienced but at the same time i’m still young i’m 25and you know that’s the sense in the team the team is very young and it’s veryc hilled and it’syoung with players that can be future now if you have a look at through the if you have a look at some of those names in the starting lineup those are young indian players and also young players like shimronhetmair you’ve got kimopaul there um players from the westindies as well who can be future greats for their country and so the hunger is there immediately the hunger is there you know you don’t have to force it out of out of anyone in our team but ricky’s done a great job in managing  and also uh the rest of the management staff but it’s a very nice balance it’s very told there’s no there’s no there’s no we don’t put ourselves under heaps of pressure you can understand our young change room i mean you rather you can imagine a young chambe rchange room is very vibrant it’s very relaxed you know and on the field we want to prove ourselves and also prove ourselves uh for the team and and prove that we can win it as a team so i mean that exuberant youth i think is lifting us up as well and then that with the mix of of experience and that’s where the application needs to come in so we have a challenge to to to win when it matters the most you know every game is important but going into the the play offs we need to spot there and then play our best cricket in in those times you know the the other night the host broadcaster cut to you when he nrique nokia picked a wicket and your reaction which was full of passion and commitment when your partner picks a wicket that for me this team it was as if you had picked it it was the way you were celebrating tells me that there is something good about this change room talk to me about your partnership with andrik because you know often times 250 bowlers there’s no respite for the batsmant hat is working clearly for delhi capitals is it because you all play international cricket together is tha thelping you and and talk to me about this partnership with andrik nokia i think i’m really really really happy for him you know when i was playing i think we’re playing we’re playing in sri lanka and we’re having a twirler and and you heard about einer i played with him i played against him a couple of gamesin our age group level but we’re coming back from sri lanka and there was the msl going on back home and we heard about how quick he was bowling and then he’s bowling quickly and quickly and  unfortunately he got injured but he came back in the four day sand he was boiling quickly and you just kept hearing about him he just kept hearing about him and we knew he wast here but now he was really knocking on the door hard he finally broke into the team and we got along i wouldn’t say that you know we go to each other’s house sand you know chat about life right now i think the more that i played with hi the better that we got to know each other a lot more so now i know we we we chat to each other a lot more because we found that we got  similar interest in some things and also we just talk fast bowling and also we can relate because we’re both south african  but that’s that’s right the changeroom is like that people are supportin geach other’s success

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