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Justin Bieber Makes CMA Awards Debut With Dan Shay

Justin Bieber Makes CMA Awards Debut With Dan Shay

justin bieber is making his cma awards debut the pop star took part in the annual nashville event for the first time to perform his and dan and shay’s crossover hit ten thousand hours the trio joined in all the way from los angeles singing to an empty hollywood bowl it made for an intimate performance justin and shay slayed their gorgeous harmonies while

dan played piano when it came to his on-stage style justin kept it casual wearing a beanie and a long-sleeve tee dan shay and justin’s performance of 10 000 hours comes on a special day the ballad just reached 500 million streams on spotify and more than 1.3 billion streams across all platforms it’s an extra special song for justin dan and shay actually performed

it live for the first time at his wedding to hailey baldwin the tequila hitmakers told access hollywood all about it at last year’s cma awards it was amazing man it was such a good time it was like one of the most beautifully decorated and designed weddings of all time we uh we sang we sang speechless and then justin jumped on stage we were about to

release our new single ten thousand hours we had not ever performed it live and uh he was like yo you guys got to sing 10 000 hours and he’s on the song with us and it was like uh i don’t embarrass ourselves but we don’t like quite know the words we’ve never seen it in front of anybody we hacked our way through it it was cool so yeah i don’t think we really told anyone that but yeah we sang 10 000 hours before we even announced that it was happening

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