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Josh Daicos on his footy journey

Josh Daicos on his footy journey

it’s a brutal sport it’s really tough i think it’s one of the toughest sports in the world you got to be all round good at everything you know the pressures of it but like any sport but you’ll be super fit super strong you’ll have elite skills you’ve got to understand the system it’s a 360 degree game when i was growing up i probably didn’t realize the significance of having a dad that played afl the pressure’s definitely been

there and the expectation and just the extra attention you get having a dad that played the game going to tack cup for me was my first elite pathway i guess you could say and it definitely taught me a lot about the preparation and how much i had to improve there’s a lot of elite footballers and blokes that really wanted to play and worked really hard so it was a real eye opener for me and and probably gave me that

push i needed at the time i was a little toothpick when i came in i think there’s a few of us that hadn’t seen a weights room i’m still a light build but just try and be a little bit nimble have quick faith and be strong as i can if you’ve got size it’s a huge advantage there’s a lot more to the game than that it’s only one aspect  day by day it’s making good habits the foods you eat you know the training you do and the recovery

you do each day you know over time those things add up in terms of your energy levels and what you can produce out there training or in a game eating well is a huge aspect of it that you definitely learn as you’re in the system longer has definitely helped me feel better and and

definitely help me help me get fitter that’s a big part of our training protein before training main training sessions will definitely have a shake and then as we come off straight away the shake’s made for us to get that protein to help our bodies repair straight away and help us feel as

good as we can looking at this i remember this is probably when i was on the fringe most years and the improvements i’ve made but noticeable physically how i’ve changed i’m moving a little bit better probably been more above the shoulders just mentally knowing that i

belong i physically put in the work but i think a lot of the games are so mental that you know you’ve got to be going in there confident knowing that you belong and that’s probably been the biggest thing for me that’s helped my football you know i’ve got aspirations you’re trying to achieve and goals that you like to tick off and for me i just like to be you know respected in the league you know as a decent player and just along the way enjoy my football that finish unbelievable i still haven’t proven myself and far away from it in this league so you

definitely go into each game and each training understanding that you’ve got a way to go and that mindset definitely keeps me

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