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Jojo Siwa’s BREAKUP Results In Hateful Comments Aimed At Mark Bontempo

Jojo Siwa’s BREAKUP Results In Hateful Comments Aimed At Mark Bontempo

Jojo Siwa is defending her ex Mark Bontempo from haters online after her first public breakup. For a while earlier this year, Jojo Siwa teased that she was in a relationship,   but originally kept it private. In August, she eventually revealed that she was dating Mark Bontempo in a TikTok. She shared this video of the two of them dressed up as one another writing   “Meet Mark” with a smiley face as the caption.

Mark is the uncle of famous YouTuber twins, Tatum and Oakley Fisher, with who JoJo has collaborated on multiple occasions. Unfortunately, though, JoJo just confirmed that their young love had run its course with her and Mark splitting up. Fans were quick to take

JoJo’s side in the breakup and started to come for Mark,   but JoJo wasn’t having any of that. She replied to an Instagram comment saying quote,   “Mark doesn’t deserve hateful things like this. He deserves to have people support him.   You have NO idea about Mark and I’s

relationship.  how much fun it was. how happy we both were, and how happy we both are. We decided it’s best for us to not be in a relationship…. that’s all.” JoJo continued on saying that they are still friends and have each other’s backs and that Mark is not  “toxic” like some people were implying. Sometimes people really are just better off as friends and JoJo,   who’s only 17 years old, is learning that just

like we all do at some point or another. She concluded her comment by saying “We’re teenagers. And our relationship didn’t work out right now. He did nothing. I did nothing. Just better-being friends. Relax.” Mark hasn’t spoken out about their split yet,  but his sister, YouTuber

Madison Bontempo shared some insight on the breakup. During a Q& in a recent video on her channel, Madison and her husband Kyler Fisher were asked if   JoJo and Mark broke up. They called the situation  “complicated” but went ahead and spilled some tea. They did.

But it wasn’t a bad break up. We’re really sad about it. They’re actually really good friends. They’re  like best friends ever it just,   they both felt like… they’re just in  different parts of life right now you know?” Madison and Kyler went on and said that  JoJo and Mark live around an hour and a   half away from one another which made it really hard to spend time together on top of their already very busy schedules. And

Madison teased that this likely isn’t the end of the road for Mark and JoJo,   they still may have a future even though they didn’t work out right now. TOSS – 11:48 – 12:01 “Mark did say he would get back together with JoJo. Ooooh. And we   called her JoJo and she says she loves

Mark and  they are still super close and they actually   still talk just as much as they did before and  they still want to hang out together as friends.”  So who knows, seems like Mark and JoJo still are super close and may get back together someday,   which makes sense why JoJo

would continue to defend him from online trolls.   And especially since Jojo said nothing bad happened, they’re still friends. And fans were quick to applaud JoJo’s maturity in how she’s handled her first public breakup. One person wrote, “STAN JOJO  FOR THE MATURE QUEEN SHE IS” Another fan agreed with JoJo saying “for real,  every break up doesn’t have to be toxic-”

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