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Joey King Wears Inflatable Dinosaur Costume To Safely Hug Grandma

Joey King Wears Inflatable Dinosaur Costume To Safely Hug Grandma

and the award for most creative socially distance hug goes to joey king the kissing booth actress went above and beyond for her grandmother’s birthday giving her some long-awaited affection for the first time since the pandemic began joey dressed up in an inflatable dinosaur costume so she could finally embrace her and her mom shared a video of the precious moment  joey captioned her

photo safely hugged my grandma for the first time since march she also shared a sweet photo tribute to her grandmother describing her as her quote designated grilled cheese maker dress-up partner make-believe buddy and friend she added please wear your masks wash your

hands and help stop the spread of this virus because me and many others would like to give their grandmas a hug again soon joey has been finding ways to have fun while staying safe amid the pandemic she recently attended this year’s socially distanced version of the people’s choice awards where she accepted the award for choice comedy movie star for her role in the kissing booth too earlier this year joey told

access hollywood all about her experience shooting the fan favorite film coming back for this movie was just like a joy because i’m a fan of the movie already and joel is too and so just like being able to come back for like something that you’re just so proud of and that you love so

much like i think it shows that all of us were just having a really good time yeah absolutely i love that and how was it joey reuniting with the whole cast for the sequel it was amazing i mean oh god i our cast is the like the coolest group of people and then we also have two new

additions to the cast we have maisie richardson sellers and taylor zicar perez who i mean they could not have fit in better i mean we all knew each other so well already and then these two came in and they immediately just like melded into the family and i am so close with both of

them now i just it was honestly just like kind of all very perfect it was amazing i absolutely agree um i remember going back to south africa and we had our production office and so everyone’s got offices everyone’s got their computer set up so we’re doing our thing and i remember walking down the hall and seeing like some of our castmates from the first movie for the first time since leaving south africa after filming the

first movie and being like oh my gosh we’re back let’s do this and it was kind of one of those moments where like this is really happening um and it was really just humbling and so much fun and i mean like joey said taylor and maisie just oh they’re like they’re like very on top they

perfect the group you know like they just they compliment us so well and add to and uh he’s the best like you though you know unlike me no i’m like oh this guy get in there it seems like especially the two of you guys had just like so much fun on set i’ve seen some instagram posts

where i’m just like you guys are besties this guy no i hate this guy she’s the worst reason i can’t even say it with a straight face no it’s so true though like i think that our just complete wonderful bomb that we shared on the first movie was just it was just back in action on the second

one we had so much fun together and joel kept me sane you know we were working so hard and we were working so much and it was always a blast but it was a lot of work and it was a lot of long hours and a lot of you know rehearsal time with dancing and all this crazy stuff so joe

was like i mean i could always rely on a good time and laughs when i was around him

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