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Joe Biden’s transition begins, finally

Joe Biden’s transition begins, finally

what’s happening in the united states they say it’s better late than never joe biden’s formal transition is finally starting over two weeks after he was declared america’s president-elect why the delay because the authority responsible for kick-starting the presidential transition process refused to acknowledge joe biden as the president-elect the general service administration or gsa has informed joe biden that u.s

president donald trump is now ready to begin the transition finally this letter was sent to joe biden by emily w murphy she heads the gsa she is a trump appointee murphy’s letter reads and i’m quoting please know that i came to my decision independently based on the law and the available facts i was never directly or indirectly pressured by any executive branch official including those who work at the white house or the

gsa with regard to the substance or timing of my decision to be clear i did not receive any direction to delay my determination i wonder why she has to explain all that here’s what donald trump tweeted earlier today in the best interest of our country i am recommending that emily and her team do what needs to be done with regard to initial protocols and have told my team to do the same now this transition letter was

sent after michigan had formally certified its election results in favor of joe biden and some lawsuits filed by the trump campaign were dismissed so what does the formal transition include for starters biden’s team will be able to access government data including data on the

wuhan virus vaccine distribution plans etc it will be able to contact the federal agencies biden’s team will also have access to 6.3 million dollars in government funds for the transition the team will have access to additional office space and use federal resources to carry out

background checks on white house appointments and cabinet picks speaking about that joe biden has now announced his cabinet picks and it’s not surprising that several faces from the obama administration will be seen making a comeback let’s take a look at the list 58 year old

anthony blinken will be biden’s secretary of state real hands will be the director of national intelligence she will also be the first female to hold that post jake sullivan has been named the national security adviser alejandro mercas will be the secretary secure secretary for homeland security he will be the first latino to hold that position linda thomas greenfield will be the u.s ambassador to the united states

former secretary of state john kerry will be the u.s president’s special envoy on climate jaina yelan will be the treasury secretary she will also be america’s first female treasury secretary byron’s cabinet picks say a lot about how this administration will approach various issues especially its relationship with india at least three of his core team members have worked very closely with new delhi anthony blinken for

example the future secretary of state has worked extensively on the india portfolio he visited new delhi several times during the obama administration he has led the biden harris outreach program for indian americans blinking has underlined the importance of the u.s india

relationship asserted that china is a common challenge for new delhi and washington and has signaled support for india’s fight against terrorism here’s someone else who has worked extensively on the india portfolio during the obama era united states future national security

advisor jake sullivan the former secretary of state john kerry who will be joe biden’s climate envoy also has held several dialogues with india it’s another story that he once called on india to limit greenhouse gas emissions biden’s administration will know better than rubbing india the wrong way

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