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Jerry Jones knows he messed up, and that’s why he’s so upset

Jerry Jones knows he messed up, and that’s why he’s so upset

everything is going against them including the schedule according to our analytics the cowboys are expected to lose all of their remaining games assuming that happened and they went 2 and 14. it would be their worst record since they were 1-15 in 1989 that was their first year with jimmy johnson we all know he turned that into a great team ultimately my football crew is ready to go here r.c and nico with us this morning and dan graziano was here dan let me quickly start with you they make the trade yesterday they don’t bring people in they send them away is that uh should we expect to see more of that between now and the deadline on tuesday yeah but on that level right guys that they have brought in recently don’t necessarily fit on defense a guy like dontari po on the defensive line could be a candidate to be traded or even cut so

look for moves like that i don’t get the sense they’re selling off major pieces they really wouldn’t be able to with the contract some of their big guys have anyway but uh yeah i think they’re gonna shake things up on defense because quite honestly they’re getting up 35 points a game who can you live who can you not live without on a defense like that that’s fair and and so the big blow up of this team might come after the season we don’t expect it to be this week meanwhile ryan clark when you listen to jerry jones comments on the radio yesterday what thoughts go through your mind like what

do how bad do the dallas cowboys have to be for someone this rich this powerful to be upset i think this is the most upset the underlings have gotten the boss man since billy ray valentine and lewis winthrop went at randolph and mortimer duke like this is big this is serious this is big this is a guy jerry jones who felt like he built this team to contend this team is built with people that he is hand picked he’s giving out giving out 100 million dollar contract 90 million dollar contracts

to all of these people and here expecting to he’s expecting to win he’s expecting to have leaders and this thing has gone downhill and it’s gone downhill fast and he sees no way of coming out of it so when you walk into a locker room of your making and you say i don’t see a leader by skill i don’t see a leader by experience you know what you’re saying i messed it up this is on me you guys aren’t good enough and when you have to have that realization that’s why you act the way you do with people who are asking very valid questions jerry jones made this bed now it’s time to sleep in it absolutely that was trading places by the way i finally got a reference on a wednesday on this show meanwhile let me come to you what is

the deck in all of this how does the dak prescott sort of figure into all of this i mean you talk about a leadership boy when your quarterback is gone you have a leadership voice when your quarterback is gone you have a talent void and i feel like this um potential championship window that we thought the cowboys had around when dak was a rookie till now it’s closing and it’s closing in an ugly way in part because they didn’t pay back last year or a pay deck before this season started because now dak the one thing that we thought wasn’t going to happen was he going to get injured and somehow

his value has gone up the way these quarterbacks have played has made dak even more and more valuable and giving him more and more leverage while the cap is also probably going down so it’s going to be hard to put together a viable product for the cowboys going forward so it goes back to what rc said jerry’s realizing that jerry messed up and there’s nothing they can do about it at this point yep

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