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Jennifer Lopez seems to be angry at Hollywood, says feeling like an ‘outsider’

Jennifer Lopez seems to be angry at Hollywood, says feeling like an ‘outsider’

Jennifer Lopez is a Hollywood outsider.
Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll said that once “most of these stars are just busy making money like I am.” The American singer assumed this would be true for him too after being successful on stage as well but sometimes it can feel different when you’re an actor or actress in Tinsel Town because there’s always someone who has done more than what they do – even though we praise our favoritecelebrities every day! Sometimes people forget about everything else outside their own careers: married life with family members; personal beliefs such as religion etcetera… It seems Jennifer felt left out from all sides while working at FOX TV Studios where she had been offered roles consistently

“I’m so tired of being an outsider,” said Jennifer Lopez at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party. “Why do I have to fight for everything?” The singer, actress and Latin pop culture figure seems more than ready with her new album Love?, which has been nominated this year in many categories including Album Of The Year!
The 45-year old beauty is making up after a tough couple years where she had two different divorces from Alex Rodriguez and Marc Anthony (to name just some). But now that he’s back together again things seem okay between them—for now anyway?

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