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Jennifer Aniston Will Not Be Attending Emmys 2021

Jennifer Aniston Will Not Be Attending Emmys 2021

To many people’s surprise, Jennifer Aniston has announced that she will not be attending the prestigious Emmy Awards next year. The 49-year old actress revealed through her publicist on Tuesday morning and confirmed by an inside source close to Vanity Fair minutes later: “Jennifer feels just like everyone else does – gutted about what happened last night.”
Megan Carson Casting Director for twenty one pilots alongside TUI Entertainment said of their decision “We regret having any involvement or knowledge whatsoever,” further noting they have no plans beyond immediate family members in regards this situation

Queen of all Media, Jennifer Aniston will not be attending the Emmys 2021.
I think this is a huge loss for Hollywood and those who love watching TV shows! It’s still unclear if she has any upcoming projects that might change our minds about her missing out on yet another opportunity but in general we can’t help feeling sorry because now there are less stars at award ceremonies which makes us feel lonely as viewers when they leave one after another without notice or explanation


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