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Jared Polis has his eye on the future

Jared Polis has his eye on the future

Rep. Jared Polis is looking to the future with his new legislation, which will require law enforcement agencies across America to adopt policies that encourage police officers to wear body cameras while on duty.

Rep. Jared Polis has introduced a bill into Congress requiring all state and local law enforcement agencies in America must have guidelines for when an officer should be required by their superiors or members of the public who are filing complaints against them, use either audio-visual recording devices like dash cams or wearable video camera systems such as chest rigs (body cameras). The goal behind this move would be reducing instances where abuse takes place without any accountability; it’s also meant make sure criminal investigations get recorded instead of relying exclusively on eyewitness accounts since they may not always be

Jared Polis is a leader for the future.

Jared Polis has his eye on the future and he’s looking forward to making changes in order to improve our country, state, district and community as we look towards 2020. He believes that it’ll be an exciting time where Americans will either move closer together or further apart but with technology changing every day there are certainly many opportunities ahead of us if we stay open minded about what could happen next!

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