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Jalen Hurts needs to be on the field more for the Eagles – Sal Paolantonio

Jalen Hurts needs to be on the field more for the Eagles – Sal Paolantonio

the biggest issue with the eagles right now is uh the play of the quarterback there’s no question about that I totally agree with the key you know I love the way Zubin says so paul’s been covering the eagles for decades you always have to bring that up Zuma that’s decades it’s just to accentuate your experience let’s put it this way I’ve been covering the Eagles since Keyshawn was with the Dorsey dons okay here’s the thing you know we watch football and uh

we watch a lot of tape on the NFL matchup show and we don’t even have to watch a lot of tapes all you have to do is watch the two Monday night games last night and when you watched the two Monday night games last night three of the four quarterbacks were dual-threat quarterbacks three of the four the two quarterbacks that won the game were dual-threat quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Kyler Murray and the eagles have a dual-threat quarterback on the roster his name is Jalen hurts they drafted him in the second round right

now they’re using him in so-called x plays gadget plays and that’s good they need to get him on the field more they need to get him on the field more why because all you have to do is look at the decimated offensive line the eagles have an absolute problem with pressure right now carson wench is getting brutalized it’s not Carson Wentz’s fault no it is the problem is they can’t get any good quarterback play because he’s a sitting duck he’s a target now I’m watching the game on Sunday from the press box glassing closed and the right tackle Jack Driscoll the rookie goes out he’s the second right tackle because lane johnson is already out with an ankle injury so they put in a guy named brett toss now like I said I’ve been covering the team since Keyshawn was in high school and I didn’t know

who Bret toth was so i look up brett toth he is a part-time instructor ROTC instructor at Arizona state who just graduated from the west point I look at his picture he looks like a nice young man he’s handsome from the west point got a nice haircut but guess what key he’s not a starting right tackle in the national football league that’s not part of his job description he’s the guy you put in to in the fourth preseason game uh as a backup and that maybe at some point in his career he’ll be in a starting right tackle so so let me finish the story because this is very indicative of the quarterback problem that the eagles have so brett of takes the field as a right tackle against the Baltimore Ravens and there’s the corner lining up on his right shoulder now that corner is not there as a welcoming committee

he’s not going to reach across the line of scrimmage and welcome young bret talk to the national football league he’s going to blitz do you know why i know that because the ravens lead the league in corner blitzes and they leave the league in db sacks they lead the league in blitzing they lead the league in blitzing so much that if it holds up they will lead the league in blitzing for the last 15 years and they blitz off of bret talk and that db takes carson wentz’s head off takes his lunch money sacks him and to me i’m looking at that and i’m saying okay you put brett taught into the football game you don’t give him any help where is the coaching staff lining up somebody to chip to help young brett talk where is the quarterback saying uh uno momento hold on time out we have the wrong protection in here i’m about to get my head taken off by this db none of that happens so to me this this team needs jalen hurts as as a diversion if nothing else to create a different look for the defenses and

when he was in there he when he was in there against the ravens that’s exactly what he did he created a different look he created some energy he needs to be on the field on Thursday night I’m saying 25 30 snaps, not seven to ten twenty-five thirty steps all right I’ll go fifteen-twenty snaps on the field don’t you agree with me uh the problem i is so funny cause I just got chills in my body when you said 25 snaps the thing that concerns me the most about that sal and you know how coaches are they get afraid to put a guy in like Jalen hurts when they got a big-money guy like Carson Winston all of a sudden them 15 snaps increased to 20 in them 20 increase to 25 in the players start to rally around that now you got a major quarterback issue that you didn’t want to have so my question to you

uh sal being down there covered them since i was in high school or better baby even elementary um hey wait a minute you like i picked out the dorsey dawns right now yeah come on come on you’ve been holding that one in your back pocket for a while that’s my high school see just in case you wanted to know gotcha um yeah yeah susan dorsey high school i come on there i lie i know i know your history keisha come on so let me ask you this though sal it do you think it plays in the mind of doug peterson the what if effect it gets to the what if effect much like lamar jackson with flacco even though they wanted to move on from flacco once they made the decision that that was the guy the rest was history i don’t think that that’s the case and i know doug peterson very well we live in the same town we text and talk all the time i don’t think that’s the case at all i think he just believes in carson wentz i do and i do believe that he likes the fact that jalen hurts is on the team and they want to use him more as a taste them hill kind of a player he doesn’t want to take carson off the field and put jalen hurts on he wants them on the field at the same time i think that’s what he wants to do

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