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Ingraham: Trump is an ‘absolute machine’ and it’s paying off

Ingraham: Trump is an ‘absolute machine’ and it’s paying off

but first with just hours of course until the first polling place is open president trump as you can see look at him he’s just still working hard for your vote in fact the president still rallying the faithful in kenosha wisconsin with a fifth rally to come a little bit later on uh tonight we hope in the show the man is an absolute machine breakneck schedule it’s emblematic of how he’s been running the country for the last four years and it reminds me of why the people elected him

in the first place and it’s paying off now check out the real clear politics polling averages in the key swing states trump’s ahead in five of them and is within striking distance in the other three he sweeps all eight and he wins now when the

president left the hospital remember after his covet diagnosis four weeks ago all the experts in the on the left in the media and democrat politics said don’t campaign it’s too dangerous you’ll be a super spreader told him not to hold rallies but he knew how this was the most important election of our lifetime and how important his campaigning was for the psyche of america he had to be with the people they had to see him he knew it was important for americans not to succumb to the

media and the biden doom and gloom propaganda they’ve been pushing on you since the beginning of this pandemic and the president’s fans well what did they do his supporters the voters they repaid him by turning out in the cold in the uh in the rain in the heat in the wind for rallies and impromptu caravans this was all organic in arizona 1500 cars took part in a pro-trump parade that stretched for miles and miles conservatives in san diego put on a huge boat parade a liberal sea of

trump supporters tens of thousands turned out last weekend in butler pennsylvania i personally shot this video in overflow crowd in rochester minnesota and then check out these crowds last night this is in rome georgia check it out then miami of course this was the scene it was a massive party there and here’s trump in traverse city michigan earlier

tonight again huge crowds that crow just goes on forever and ever again organic oh this is an organic movement it’s a love for this president meanwhile the favorite candidate of china silicon valley and wall street is out ranting on the trail and being propped up by the same out-of-touch forces that failed hillary in 2016. i work for lady gaga no other nation can touch us everybody knows who donald trump is we choose truth over lies constant lies donald trump’s not strong he’s

weak we choose truth over lies gosh she doesn’t seem so confident to me now you compare that to trump’s final rallying cry for him it’s about the people even more so than about biden do you want to be ruled by the arrogant corrupt ruthless and selfless political class or do you want to be governed by the american people themselves we will never be a socialist nation and that’s what they’re trying to do if i don’t always play by the rules of washington and the washington establishment it’s because i was elected to fight for you and i fight harder and harder and harder [Applause] and that is true for months we’ve been told that lightning can’t strike twice but of course the media on the left are missing what’s

happening the nature of what we’re seeing the crowds the pop-up caravans look at it in boat parades the passion i’ve never seen boat parades when did that start they’re all happening whether the media reports about it or not and whether the left believes it or not and whatever happens tomorrow night one thing is completely clear this movement this america first movement is here and it ain’t going anywhere

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