India-US 2+2 Talks: Rajnath Singh, Jaishankar, Mike Pompeo & Mark Esper Joint Statement

India-US 2+2 Talks: Rajnath Singh, Jaishankar, Mike Pompeo & Mark Esper Joint Statement

India-US 2+2 Talks: Rajnath Singh, Jaishankar, Mike Pompeo & Mark Esper Joint Statement

all right cutting straight across to a joint press conference of defense minister rajnath Singh along with uh mike Pompeo agreement between the ministry of defense government of India and the national geospatial intelligence agency department of defense of the united states of America second the MoU for technical cooperation in earth observations and earth sciences between the ministry of earth sciences government of india and the national oceanic and atmospheric administration of the united states of america third the arrangement extending the duration of the mou between the government of india and the government of united states of america concerning cooperation with the global center for nuclear energy partnership in india fourth the agreement for the electronic exchange of customs data between the postal operators that is india post and

the united states postal services and fifth the letter of intent between the central council for research in ayurvedic sciences new delhi of the ministry of Ayush government of india and the office of cancer complementary and alternative medicine national cancer institute national institutes of health department of health and human services of the usa for cooperation in the field of Ayurveda and cancer research now moving on to the press statement by the distinguished dignitaries may now request honorable raksha mantri see rajna singh to deliver his remarks okay

secretary pompeo checkered yes my steam colleague dr Jaya Shankar members of press ladies and gentlemen i thank the secretary their delegations and all members of u.s media who have traveled to india to meet up ms the threat of poverty 19 pandemic i deeply appreciate your commitment to our bilateral relations during the meeting today we have had comprehensive discussions on key aspects of our bilateral and multilateral cooperation we consider the major challenges we face the need for quick economic recovery and growth prevention of the pandemic rebuilt the global supply chains and related issues received obvious priority in our discussions i met dr dr esther yesterday to discuss bilateral defense issues we continued our discussions on larger regional and global perspective today over the two plus two signing the beka today after signing the lemoa in 2016 and com casa in 2018 is a significant achievement in that direction i would also like to highlight some of the other noteworthy steps taken by both india and

the u.s in follow-up to our earlier discussions these include positioning of u.s navy license officer and Indian Susan center indian ocean prison and indian lion officer at Navision Bahrain greater interaction and coordination with Centcom and africom setting up of the comsec account and increasing the scope and complexities of our exercises now license officers at each other’s establishment could be leveraged to enhance our information sharing architecture to sum it up our military cooperation is progressing very well in today’s meeting we also explored probable capacity building and other joint cooperation activities in third countries including our neighborhood and beyond we have convergence of use on a number of such proposals and will take those forward i welcome the acceptance of our request for cooperation in the advanced field of maritime domain awareness both sides agreed to comprehend the requirements and initiate processes for joint development of requisites systems and expertise in the defense industrial cooperation area we had a very candid and useful discussion recent initiative in defense sector was underlined as a key driver and

a guiding factor of our defense industrial cooperation i highlighted the capabilities of indian defense industry and their usefulness in the supply chain of major u.s platforms and systems we have identified priority near-term projects for joint development between respective agencies which need to be fast tracked under the defense trade and technology initiative and resolved to work together in defense research and development more efficiently defense innovation field was being growing consistently in our discussions in recent years the instruments of industrial security nx diu moi which were agreed upon the signed during signed during our last two plus two meetings are beginning to bear fruit we welcome the holding of the inaugural meeting of idax diu in july 2020 through video conferencing and are looking forward to the first iss summit this year in our meeting we shared assessment of the security situation across the indo-pacific in the process in that process we reaffirmed our commitment to peace stability and prosperity of all countries in the region

we also agreed that upholding the rules-based international order respecting the rule of law and freedom of navigation in the international seas and upholding the territorial integrity and the sovereignty of all states are essential our defense cooperation is intended to further these objectives both sides welcomed australia joining the forthcoming malabar exercise we appreciate the visit of secretary pompeo and secretary jasper to india we had a very constructive dialogue and will continue to work together to strengthen our engagement in defense security and other areas thank you very much thank you sir may i now call upon the honorable mark esper secretary of defense for his remarks minister singh minister jai shanker secretary pompeo it is great to be here in new delhi and for the four of us to meet and to discuss the important issues of the day and indeed the important issues of the future as the world confronts

a global pandemic and growing security challenges the united states india partnership is more important than ever to ensure security stability and prosperity of the region and the world fifteen years after the conclusion of the first u.s india defense framework the defense ties between our two nations remain a key pillar of our overall bilateral relationship based on our shared values and common interests we stand shoulder to shoulder in support of a free and open indo-pacific for all particularly in light of increasing aggression and destabilizing activities by china i am pleased to report that today we made substantial progress in further strengthening our relationship building upon last year’s successful two plus two ministerial in washington and the many discussions defense minister singh and

i’ve had these past several months during our meetings these last two days we affirmed reaffirmed the united states commitment to a comprehensive and forward-looking defense partnership with india and discussed opportunities to expand our regional security cooperation military to military interactions and defense trade relationship this includes increasing bilateral defense cooperation in the indian ocean region southeast asia and the broader indo-pacific recently this cooperation was demonstrated by the combined exercise between the indian navy and the uss nimitz carrier strike group in july in addition we have exchanged military liaisons with india to strengthen coordination between our military staff and we are working to establish new cyber and space dialogues to increase cooperation in domains where both our countries face emerging threats we also discussed engagement with like-minded partners

such as japan and australia to advance maritime security humanitarian aid disaster relief and other common interests across the region india’s recent decision to include australia in the upcoming malabar naval exercise alongside american indian and japanese forces reflects an acknowledgement of the importance of working multilaterally together to address global challenges defense information sharing both at the service and joint service level is another area in which we are making significant progress it is important to note that we achieved a significant milestone today with the signing of the basic exchange and cooperation agreement the last of the foundational defense agreements between our countries which enables greater geospatial information sharing between our armed forces

we also reached agreement to expand secure communications capabilities between our militaries and among defense leadership finally our defense trade and technology cooperation continues to grow as reflected in india’s acquisition of apache and seahawk helicopters earlier this year we look forward to advancing sales for other key defense platforms including fighter aircraft and unmanned aerial systems despite today’s challenging security environment the partnership between the united states and india the world’s two largest democracies remains resilient strong and growing i want to thank my indian counterparts for their hospital hospitality and leadership as we continue to work to deepen our cooperation advance our shared interests and values and defend international rules and norms thank you thank you sir now i call upon the honorable michael pompeo secretary of state to make his remarks you good afternoon everyone

minister zeshar shankhankar mr singh thank you for hosting secretary esper and i uh minister jay shankar it’s great to see you again after having been with you so recently in tokyo with our quad partners earlier this month big things are happening as our democracies align to better protect the citizens of our two countries and indeed of the free world and it’s an honor to visit this great nation it’s my third trip here as america’s secretary of state when i was here uh last year i urged two countries to embark on a new age of ambition in our relationship and i think we’ve absolutely done that and that the conversations that we held today reflected welcome progress towards

that goal thanks to prime minister modi and president trump’s leadership and our shared values our ties are growing stronger day by day this morning we visited the national war memorial to honor the brave men and women of the indian armed forces who have sacrificed for the world’s largest democracy including 20 that were killed by the pla forces in the galwan valley in june the united states will stand with the people of india as they confront threats to their sovereignty and to their liberty as to our discussion these two days look our joint efforts to fight the pandemic which we talked about at great length or strong signal that our nations are committed to working together and expanding our partnership across many fronts u.s health agencies are working closely with with government partners of india on the covet 19 response indian companies too are cooperating with gilead to manufacture remdessevier for use by low and middle-income countries all around the world and several indian and u.s countries are working together to test and manufacture

potential vaccine candidates further i’m proud to announce today new agreements between the united states department of health and human services and the indian ministry on health and family welfare to enhance health cooperation it could not come at a better time the challenge of defeating the pandemic that came from wuhan also fed into our robust discussions about the chinese communist party our leaders and our citizens see with increasing clarity that the ccp is no friend to democracy the rule of law transparency nor to freedom of navigation the foundation of a free and open and prosperous indo-pacific i’m glad to say that the united states and india are taking steps to strengthen our cooperation against all manner of threats and not just those posed by the chinese communist party in the past year we’ve expanded our cooperation on cyber issues our navies have held joint exercises in the indian ocean

i know too happily that australia is joining malabar 2020 naval exercise i’m also confident that our two nations will work together in new and better ways to meet the region’s infrastructure needs already the united states has joined the coalition for disaster resilient infrastructure launched by prime minister modi and we strongly support the blue dot network the united states development finance corporation has established a liaison here posting right in india it’s great progress that will set the stage for more good economic work together lastly we the united states values india as a multilateral partner whether it’s through the quad through new cooperation on Mekong regional issues making afghan peace negotiations successful or working together during india’s upcoming term on the united nations security council we continue to support india’s permanent membership of that body may the united states keep leading together along with india on the issues of our time and may god bless america and india

thank you thank you sir and may i now invite honorable minister of external affairs dr s j shankar for his remarks to the media taksha mantriji secretary pompeo secretary esper friends of the media as you have heard from my colleagues we have just concluded the third india us two plus two dialogue this format is reflective of our comprehensive global strategic partnership before our meeting today i met secretary pompeo yesterday to discuss a range of foreign policy issues these have been two very productive days and i thank our counterparts for making that happen for taking the effort to come here physically if i may say so myself the performance of our relationship in the last few years has been exceptionally positive political consultations and cooperation have grown defense exchanges and

trade too economic interactions and commerce are up the partnership in science technology and innovation is stronger and our energy security clearly enhanced not least the unique people-to-people contacts that defines this relationship remains vibrant whether in the flow of talent in education or in tourism we discussed our experiences in responding to the kovit 19 challenge at some length the facilitation of travel even during the pandemic was very commendable today our collaboration concentrates more on the domains of vaccine and testing that are so central to the return of normalcy we are also committed to creating more trusted and resilient

global supply chains and india that is now focused on recovery resilience and reform welcomes an expanded partnership with the united states the two plus two dialogue has a poll mill agenda that underlines our close bilateral relationship our national security convergences have obviously grown in a more multipolar world we meet today to not only advance our own interests but to ensure that our bilateral cooperation makes a positive contribution in the world arena we are also committed to addressing together global issues ranging from hadr situations to maritime security and counterterrorism as you have heard from my colleagues the indo-pacific region was a particular focus of our talks

we reiterated the importance of peace stability and prosperity for all countries in this region as raksha mantri stated this is possible only by upholding the rules-based international order ensuring the freedom of navigation in international cease promoting open connectivity and respecting the territorial integrity and sovereignty of all states a multi-polar world must have a multipolar asia as its basis discussions also covered developments in our neighboring countries we made clear that cross-border terrorism is completely unacceptable on afghanistan india’s stakes in its security and stability are evident as is a willingness to contribute to international efforts to that end india enters the u.n security council on the 1st of january 2021 as a non-permanent member we look forward to working with the united states

there as in other multilateral platforms in conclusion i thank secretaries pompeo and espa once again for a very useful and very fruitful two plus two dialogue thank you sir thank you sir now moving on to questions for the dignitaries given the time constraints we will take two questions from the indian media pool following which principal deputy spokesperson from the department of state mr kale brown will invite two questions from the u.s media food from the indian media the first question is from sudan sybil from vyond followed by manas from pti so dan you may like to go ahead uh my question is 2 a.m up so we have seen a spate of engagement between united states and india the quarter beating the visit by the deputy factory to new delhi and then of course this high level two plus two meetings the entire engagement coming just before the u.s election any specific reason or timing and

is the china factor reason behind these engagements uh well i think as for the timing uh the previous two uh rounds of the two plus two dialogue were also held around the same time uh in october november as for what is the factor for holding it there aren’t there isn’t one factor there are two factors one is called india the other is called the united states of america uh if you look at the growth of this relationship as i pointed out in virtually every domain it’s been it’s actually been very very remarkable over the last 20 years but i would say especially the last few years this is a relationship that serves our national interest well as it does that of the united states but what is equally important is that the indo-us collaboration can be a force of good so in that sense it is truly global it is truly comprehensive it is truly strategic and

that’s the reason why we are meeting thank you sir manos from pti or good afternoon lakshman triji the detox have taken place at a very very crucial time when india is facing security challenges along its northern and western borders and india has been focusing on enhancing its internal defense capabilities by building military platforms within the country so how far these talks today have helped india in consolidating ties to the u.s in terms of co-development of joint military uh platforms as well as weapon systems we have signed four very very significant uh agreements including becca today so how it will enhance the overall defense cooperation between india and the us thank you so much you are right we aspire to go beyond the buyer seller approach to generating partnership with us in

the defense and related industry this is precisely why we have liberalized our default sector for direct foreign investment and undertaking enabling measures to enhance ease of doing business and we convey the securities that creation of a robust ecosystem of defense industry in india through partnership and investment is the fundamental goal of the atma nirvana bharat vision of prime minister narendra modi in a broader context india offers opportunities for shifting production and a global supply chains in the wake of this disruptions due to the pandemic we invited original equipment manufacturers other companies from ufc to invest in india taking advantage of 74 fdi ceiling in the defense industry under automatic route or even larger equity share through government approval.

india has very substantial requirements which can sustain such investments over years we explained how the reforms in our acquisition policy further enhanced incentives for investment in indian defense industry we pointed out that to asia and elsewhere goods and service exports from india could be a rewarding option we spoke of the advantage of developing maintenance repair and overall facilities in india for the entire reason for u.s origin equipment the visit of secretaries has been wonderful opportunity to elaborate on the initiatives of self-reliant india we hope both the securities appreciate our policy and they will carry our carry our message back to their government and industry of usa thank you very much thank you sir now i request mr caleb brown to invite questions from the u.s media over to uk and i’ll turn to our ux colleagues for uh one question per and i’ll ask you to identify to whom you’re directing your question let’s start with paul hanley from afp

i for minister singh could you tell us where this relationship is going in in the defense relationship are you planning to buy more weapons from the u.s like f-18s jets for your navy and would you be distancing yourself from russian suppliers including for the s-400 and there’s a question for thank you doctor s thank you can you tell us our honest collision course with china are we on a crash course with china with taiwan and india one question please oh next question can we go to will malden with the wall street journal thanks so much for having us and uh secretary pompeo if i could if i could ask you other than the um defense the major defense pact that was signed on the geospatial cooperation what other measures uh did you speak about with your indian counterparts that would help with ensuring a free and open indo-pacific and

potentially confronting a more aggressive china since it is a uh pandemic i also wanted to ask uh about the corona one question minister one question please you approve of the us uh withdrawal from the show another one question since it’s a pandemic uh emergency and we have two uh democracies here given one representative thank you so will on um in addition to the number of agreements i think you suggested there were two there were a number of agreements that were signed uh the the work that we have done together over the course of these two days builds on a lot of work that state department and

the department of defense have been doing over the past weeks and months to prepare for this very time so you can see uh whether it’s work that we’re doing on a bilateral basis to put our economic relationships in a better place if it’s work that you can see us doing uh to ensure that we have a depth of understanding about who has capabilities in certain parts of the world where we can diplomatically be make one plus one more than that working alongside each other and i’m leaving here i’m traveling to sri lanka i’m traveling to the maldives on to indonesia understanding

that the interest that india has in those places i can go and travel uh and help us collectively build out based on our partnership and our friendship and the the warm commitment between our two leaders uh we can do good things for the entire region and do them uh together and cover down on places each of us could not do individually so there were many good things that flowed from the course of the conversations over these two days and i’m confident that you’ll see in the days that had many more good things that what will occur because of the conversations we’ve been able to have face to face here over these last days thank you sir this concludes this media event and i thank you all for joining

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