In Lyari, gang war started again

In Lyari, gang war started again

Gang war is on the rise again in Lyari, Karachi and women of the area have reached the Sindh High Court seeking relief from the gang war.

The women of Lyari have said in the petition filed in the Sindh High Court that the accused Ayub Bala has become a new symbol of fear in Lyari.

The six daughters of a Lyari businessman named Abdul Jabbar are forced to beg for protection and the women claim that the accused have the patronage of political figures.

According to the affected women, Lyari War has been activated under the patronage of a man named Ayub Bala, Ada Iqbal.

Petitioner Saira has appealed to the Prime Minister, Chief Minister Sindh, IG Sindh, DG Rangers for help.

The woman further said that local police and law enforcement agencies also do not take action against Lyari gang war, my brothers have just grown up, these people want to kill my brothers, please save our brothers from gang war.

The petitioner also said that Ayub Bala, Aman Bala, Waqas Teja, Bilal, Saif and Majid of the gang war have taken over the warehouse and the police, under pressure from political figures, registered a case against our brother. Is.

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