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HUD Secretary Ben Carson tests positive for COVID-19

HUD Secretary Ben Carson tests positive for COVID-19

the big news this morning on the fight against coronavirus Pfizer announcing promising results from a late stage trial of their vaccine suggesting it maybe 90 percent effective joining us now is health and human services secretary alex azar mr secretary great to have you on this morning on that news but first we’ve just confirmed that hud secretary ben carson has tested positive for coronavirus we’re told he’s in good spirits we wish him well we also have seen reports that you were

with him for an election night viewing party where some fear that this could be a spreader event how are you doing and have you been tested uh well i actually did not see secretary carson at the election night party and i kept face covering on

at all times and worked to maintain social distance following exactly the types of advice that i give to the american people every time i can talk to them i wish secretary carson well absolutely we all do we’re here we’re hearing he’s doing okay this

morning uh we look for an update on that meanwhile this vaccine is huge news you’ve seen reaction on wall street did you see this coming and what can you tell us it means for the fight against this virus well today is a really historic day in the history of public health you know when when i pulled together operation warp speed under the direction of president

trump the best people said that we could do would be to get vaccines in 12 to 18 months and dr fauci and others said that would be remarkable and historic and here we are 10 months from this virus hitting our shores and we have a vaccine that’s proving 90 percent effective that’s thanks to president trump’s leadership it’s thanks to operation warp speed and i

talked to him just this morning as i do most mornings and he’s he’s really excited about the prospect that we’ll be able to save american lives not just through the vaccines that we have many vaccines not just this one that we’ve invested in but also therapeutics mr secretary i’m curious do you know timeline everybody’s wondering when can we get this vaccine when will it come to market yeah so pfizer will have to now pull together their data and submit it to the fda where it will

undergo an independent review process there and so it of course has to be authorized by the fda so you should be thinking in the several week time period both for the submission and then review by fda of the data thanks to operation warp speed we’ve actually guaranteed receipt of fda authorized vaccine from pfizer 100 million doses that we purchased

for about two billion dollars with an option for another 500 million more and those will start in increments of about 20 million 20 million doses pfizer has said uh beginning in late november and continuing monthly thereafter mr secretary the governor of new york state went on an interview this morning reacting to this this breaking news and he suggested

somehow that this is bad timing to learn of the results of this vaccine listen the bad news is that it’s about two months before joe biden takes over and that means this administration is going to be implementing a vaccine plan they’re basically going to have the private providers do it and that’s going to leave out all sorts of communities that were left out the first time when cove had ravaged them hard to believe anybody would think that it’s bad news to get these wonderful

results from a late stage trial of a vaccine mr azar i’ll let you respond specifically to that he’s making the point that well that means that donald trump is in charge of distribution so react to the governor and also tell us about how it’ll be distributed well it’s just absolutely unconscionable that somebody would want to delay a vaccine to the american people that’s safe and effective just for political partisan reasons but here’s the really interesting thing is operation warp speed is

working very closely with governor cuomo’s health commissioner dr howard zucker and his team because guess who’s actually in charge of distributing within any state the governor is and his team’s doing a really good job working with us and they can set up a distribution system and prioritization within their state but you know this is more one-size-fits-all approach is that only the government can do things that’s not what was operation warp speed which was public private

partnership if we had relied only on government to do things nothing would be getting delivered right now instead we’ve got to go for breaking news but are you getting any word from governors like cuomo that they’re going to try to stop the distribution of this under this presidency no the other governors that we’re working with are excited and they want to be in charge of the distribution they’re working in partnership with us and we’ve got a great plan that leverages the finest

distribution system in the world to make sure vaccine gets where it needs to go safely and effectively does that include cuomo well it includes his staff he ought to talk to them and maybe learn what their plans are got it mr secretary really appreciate you coming on we’ve got some breaking news thank

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