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Huckabee: I think Biden forgot his own record as vice president and a Democrat


Huckabee: I think Biden forgot his own record as vice president and a Democrat

fox news contributor former GOP candidate author of the three c’s that made America great Christianity capitalism and the constitution so governor if he doesn’t say the man does it count come on of course it counts governor thank you so much glad to have you here today on fox and friends we are glad to have you any way we knew we could count on you uh we want to get your take on a number of topics including you know we’re nine days out uh you 56 million Americans have cast their ballot you even waited in the rain yesterday to vote early uh and what’s it like for mike Huckabee to wait in the rain in line

i got to believe you’re maybe taking a few photos too but what’s your take on the energy in the race right now and everyone voting early I see the enthusiasm factor for Donald Trump and I don’t see it for joe Biden I see that there is an enthusiasm factor against Donald Trump by the far left but i don’t see people who are going out and saying I just love how joe Biden lays it out there I mean that would be if they said it a bunch of malarkey because he doesn’t lay it out there I mean in the last half hour of the debate he honestly seemed to be fading and I’m not trying to be unkind I’m just saying that his words began to slur

he was like he was out of gas and it was very evident watching in those last moments yesterday watching his speech uh when you see him he’s like an angry man standing on his porch telling you to get off his lawn you know he’s got those eyes squinted and he’s saying there are a bunch of chops out there and it just seems like this is not a guy who’s happy he’s angry and he’s flailing uh you know I just think a lot of people are going to ask themselves is this guy capable of being president if you don’t work hard to become president what makes you think he will work hard if he becomes president he has basically as they love to say put a lid on it and has been under the lid

now in these final days of the campaign that’s unbelievable and unprecedented governor I want to ask you about a populist message because I think both candidates have really attempted to convey that populist message joe Biden now coming out and saying that Trump has forgotten about the forgotten man this is him in Pennsylvania on Saturday take a listen Barack and I worked hard to earn and win your votes in 2008 and 2012 and I tell you what it wasn’t I thought it was great to see him again out on the trail for me quite frankly but I understand why some people voted for Donald trump they believe if they weren’t seen or been respected or heard trump ran around saying he represents the forgotten man a woman in this country I get it but then he got elected and immediately forgot the forgotten man is that accurate and does that line work it’s ridiculous

it was trump that got the tax cuts for the forgotten man that put money in the pockets of every single worker in this nation people deep down know that their pockets got heavier, not lighter when Donald trump passed that tax cut they know if they’re a small business operator it got easier to run their business when Donald Trump took the regulatory burden off their necks if they’re a firearms owner they know that Donald Trump has protected their second amendment rights and hasn’t threatened it and put them under indictment like what we saw in this couple in saint Louis if they’re pro-life they’re no longer being chased and hunted by the IRS for the organizations they belong to you know this is nonsense of all the things that Joe Biden has said I think he forgot his own record

as vice president and his record as a democrat over these past few years and he seems to have forgotten the positions he’s taken because he’s taken a position to protect the elitist to protect the people who went after Donald trump from the highest levels of government and there are a lot of people in America that look at that and say if you can do that to the president united states what could you do to me and i hope people understand that this isn’t about Donald Trump it’s about them and they need to vote accordingly and not let joe Biden and Kamala harris get in who believe in a big heavy-footed government on their necks the fight for the forgotten man it’s a campaign message i think it goes back to Calvin Coolidge um and by the way governor you won’t be forgotten here for having my back on come on man and whether or not come on counts come on go i will always be welcoming you back all right governor thanks for your time today you bet

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