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How Rihanna Built A Multi-Million Dollar Empire

How Rihanna Built A Multi-Million Dollar Empire

Rihanna is one in a million like many singers born with star power in their veins this quadruple threat was discovered at a young age and thrust into the world of fame and fortune but unlike many of her Hollywood peers there’s something unique that gives her a certain edge how exactly has Rihanna set herself apart from the many other celebs with cosmetic lines fashion brands and a sea of hit tracks it’s more than just her ability to easily strut over subway grates and pin harp stilettos thank you when you hear humble beginnings you might think of small-town suburbs but for Rihanna, it’s another story born in February of 1988 robin Rihanna Fenty spent her childhood growing up on the Caribbean island of Barbados her middle name Rihanna has Arabic origins and means sweet basil humble beginnings or not Rihanna

was clearly always a star even through a difficult divorce between her parents when she was 14 she found inspiration in her love of caribbean music performing and american pop culture in high school she formed a musical group with two of her friends performing covers of destiny’s child songs at 15 her friends encouraged her to sign up for a beauty pageant at her high school which she won she told daily mail in 2007 my friends at school dared me to do it and my military training came in handy for learning to balance books on my head for the catwalk for the talent portion of the pageant rihanna belted out mariah carey’s song hero you heard right before her big break in entertainment rihanna was a combat boot

wearing volunteer army cadet running drills through the mud a much different experience from the gucci wearing songstress we know today her short army experience was actually alongside singer-songwriter chantelle who was rihanna’s drill sergeant in 2004 when the singer was just 16 years old her talent was discovered by american record producer evan rogers while he was vacationing in barbados rogers immediately flew the young singer to the states where she recorded a four-track demo which was then sent to def jam records a company that at the time was newly headed by none other than jay-z although she’d never had any formal vocal training the record producer was so impressed with her

voice passion and look they joked that she couldn’t leave until she signed a deal in an interview with rolling stone jay-z revealed that he knew right away he said i knew she was a star after an audition with mr beyonce himself rihanna quickly landed a six-record deal with the label in a 2007 interview with the observer Rihanna revealed that she was incredibly nervous when she first met the producers she said i had butterflies i’m sitting across from jay-z like jay-z i was star-struck rihanna was barely 17 when her debut album music of the sun hit record stores the single panda replay stuck out for its

use of the singer’s culture and language of beijing creole the album sold over 2 million copies a grand feat for 2005 before widespread streaming still under the encouraging wing of jay-z’s label rihanna went on to find success with her second album and hits such as sos and unfaithful it wasn’t long before rihanna’s image shifted from teen pop singer to grown-up star how do you think she got the nickname bad girl riri with the release of good girl gone bad and the hit track umbrella her look adopted a sleeker and edgier feel who can forget the iconic asymmetrical angled bob the track was so catchy that

anyone who didn’t already know about the star from barbados was now singing along to the lyrics the album marked a shift in rihanna’s career when she decided to take control of her style and avoid becoming a product of the pop machine she said to new york times style magazine good girl gone bad is where i started to take the reins i’m going to do whatever i want to do i’m taking control of my vision my sound my clothes i also embraced change along the way things that made me a better woman a better human being like even the way i communicate i’m really proud of my growth on that nothing

about me makes me embarrassed about me in 2009 her new album titled rated r showcased an even more mature side to the singer and introduced her edgier style if three chart-topping albums in three years doesn’t say instant icon the upgraded style says the rest rihanna’s incredible power in the music industry was solidified in 2011 with the release of we found love the song transcended musical genres it functions simultaneously as a powerful love ballad a peppy pop song and a dance club track worthy of house dj remixes calvin harris claimed that the song actually skyrocketed his career he said career-wise it was the best thing that could have happened it changed absolutely everything over the course of her own career rihanna has collaborated with some of the industry’s top performers such as jay-z and eminem in 2010 she

teamed up with drake for a collaboration on her album loud with the song what’s my name luckily for her fans that relationship never really ended and the pair still work together often such as their 2012 release take care and later the hit work her ease on stage doesn’t come without hours of work behind the scenes that’s just the kind of dedication it takes to keep the chart-topping albums coming year after year rihanna also showed us just how seriously she takes her work when in 2011 she revealed to esquire her extensive pre-show routine and rituals she said i eat lozenges steam my voice do my makeup i skype my vocal coach for about a half hour my personal assistant slash bartender brings me a drink i take it

very seriously so there is a level of anxiety always i overthink everything when it comes to my job rihanna even admitted to enjoying the occasional stroll through her audience before performances unbeknownst to her fans sometimes i go out into the audience i put on a really big hoodie and sneak out there she said in 2008 rihanna won her first grammy award which was for best rap performance of course she’s earned another 33 grammy nominations and nine wins after her 2013 album fans had to wait a long three years for the release of her next album in 2016 titled anti which included the power

ballad love on the brain which landed a nod for several awards it was well worth the wait the album hit number one on the billboard charts twice two months in a row rihanna wasn’t satisfied with a singular career and in 2012 she made her big screen debut portraying petty officer cora rakes in the film battleship this of course led to the star appearing in multiple projects although battleship was rihanna’s first scripted role she also made a cameo appearance in 2006’s bring it on all or nothing and in the 2013 movie by seth rogen this is the end navigating the journey to a more serious career on screen rihanna then found her way to the film adaptation of the musical annie the animated film home sandra bullock’s

oceans 8 and television’s bates motel series most recently in 2019 she worked on a passion project with donald glover aka childish gambino guava island which was released on amazon prime and is about a small town musician living on a tropical island having conquered the screen and radio rihanna’s lifelong love of beauty and fashion has also led her to collaborations in cosmetics and clothing in 2014 she participated in a project with puma as a creative director her shoe designs ended up winning the prestigious shoe of the year award a prize previously won by kanye west’s famous yeezys in

her usual cool style rihanna even closed out the puma fashion show by riding through the event on the back of a motocross bike her collab with puma eventually led to working with them through her own brand fenty another collaboration linked the singer’s famous lyrics shine bright like a diamond to chopar where she designed a line of diamond jewelry in 2017 rihanna’s highly anticipated cosmetics company fenty hit sephora stores fans immediately fell in love with the line because of its inclusivity with 40 different shades of foundation rihanna was making a clear statement that many skin tones are normally underrepresented in the beauty industry the company is challenging standards of the industry and essentially reinventing the way makeup foundations can be marketed and sold a year later savage and fenty

dropped within her brand as well a line of inclusive lingerie the line carries an extensive size range and includes diverse models for advertising soon after she announced a fashion line with lvmh then in july of 2020 she announced the launch of fenty skin with a successful social media campaign rihanna has previously opened up about her struggles with skin care and acne she told cosmo when i feel like my skin has had it i cut out all alcohol and overdo the water she also shared that bright lipstick is a hack to draw attention away from skin issues so it’s no surprise that the star has decided to branch into skin care products that by the way are also vegan gluten free cruelty free and eco-conscious she also cares about having passionate people on her team and staying humble of building her fenty brand she said i like to think of my

establishment at the fenty house as a hub even if you’ve never designed something in your life you might have impeccable taste i’m welcoming everyone’s vision here because that’s what it’s gonna take rihanna’s decade and a half of hard work has not gone unnoticed according to forbes as of june 2019 she was considered the world’s richest female musician all thanks to her good habits of work work work with a 600 million dollar net worth she stands ahead on the scale of even

madonna and beyonce new york times reported that in 2017 rihanna’s company fenty beauty generated 72 million dollars in sales during its first month on shelves the company took in over 500 million dollars by the end of 2018. her cosmetics line has grown to be worth almost as much as the record-breaking kylie cosmetics with both lines in a race towards billion dollar net worths her success is so far-reaching beyond even the numbers of net worths and album sales rihanna has a total of eight wax figures in madame Tussauds museums all over the world that’s a sign of success aside from her own

fashion lines Rihanna’s personal style and street looks have become iconic in themselves she recently appeared on the cover of Vogue Paris rocking a bathrobe and towel who would think that anyone could make a towel into fashion a trendsetter and an old soul when it comes to fashion Rihanna can rock just about any look a few mysterious images have also saturated the internet with fans marveling at the singer’s ability to walk in balance on subway grates on the sidewalk while wearing spiked stiletto heels no matter how high she’s risen stilettos or not Rihanna has never forgotten her home in

Barbados the government of the island recently renamed the street where the singer grew up Westbury new road to Rihanna drive the star shared a heartfelt message on Instagram and said Westbury is more than a community we’re family Barbados prime minister also named February 22nd Rihanna day despite her massive success Rihanna doesn’t plan on slowing down or riding the success train without shoveling a little coal when necessary she told new york times style magazine i never thought I’d make this much money so a number is not gonna stop me from working immense talent or not Rihanna isn’t afraid to break a sweat and work for what she has she also added I’m working out of what I love to do

what I’m passionate about it’s that same attitude that prompts the singer to invest in charities and create campaigns to help those in need in 2012 she founded the Clara leone foundation which helps improve the quality of education and health care for youth in low-income areas she also created the belief foundation in 2006 to help terminally ill children and participated in a campaign for fashion against aids as well as a project with Gucci for Unicef in 2017 the singer was

awarded the humanitarian award of the year by Harvard university because of her strong belief in philanthropy and giving back president Barack Obama praised her work at the 2017 diamond ball by saying you’ve become a powerful force in the fight to give people dignity through her multiple companies and brands she feels it’s important to employ as many people as possible she says I can create jobs for other people my money is not for me it’s always the thought that i can help someone else the world really can make you believe that the wrong things are a priority and it makes you really miss the core of life what it means to be alive back when Rihanna first announced her brand Fenty some fans worried it meant the end of her musical career on an Instagram post one fan even commented that she had forgotten about her music the singer responded how y’all would never let me two years later, however, there is still no new album in sight y’all gonna

have to wait navy I’m so sorry in march 2020 the singer finally gave fans her long-awaited new music when she teamed up with party next door for the track believe it it’s already four years since we’ve heard new music and now she’s told time’s colonist that she’s asking herself where she wants to see her music going the next direction of her art and work have taken some major consideration for this veteran entertainer she stated how do I want to reimagine it because it’s

been so structured before she also said I want to go on tour but I can’t so I’m stuck with music that I love and now I’m trying to figure out how I can even create visuals to that’s a challenge as well but I love challenges you know I’m gonna get it done in October it was announced that her first new album known as r9 would be coming within the year and will have a different sound from her previous work opting for a reggae-inspired bass the date of release has not yet been

clarified and the delays are most likely due to the recording restrictions and overall difficulties that covid 19 has caused the bottom line a new album is on its way and fans are willing to wait for the magic that is Rihanna being discovered at 16 Rihanna has had plenty of time to forge a diverse career what do you think makes Rihanna so unique and special

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