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Hollywood REACTS To Joe Biden Winning Presidential Race

Hollywood REACTS To Joe Biden Winning Presidential Race

as i’m sure you all know by now joe biden was declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election over the weekend and tons of celebrities were not only celebrating the victory but trump’s loss and today i’m gonna be filling you in on some celebrity reactions to the news hey what’s up it’s mackenzie here and today i’m giving you some political celeb on november 7th joe biden was declared the incoming 46th president of the united states in an incredibly close race with

donald trump wherein biden won the most votes in modern history with the 2020 election having a record number of votes and i should note that trump had the second most votes in history with both candidates breaking the previous voting record of barack obama and with the news many democrats fill the streets of major cities cheering over the victory

excited for what will come of a biden presidency and since we know most of hollywood is openly democratic they shared their joy with their followers on their social medias lizzo shared a very emotional video to instagram where she cries tears of joy over trump’s defeat also stating how proud she was that there was going to be a black woman in the white house

jordan peele then simply tweeted you’re fired with the phrase you’re fired actually trending for most of the day on twitter ariana grande tweeted crying joe biden kamala harris thank god mcjugger tweeted i’m so looking forward to coming back to an america free of harsh words and name calling and be amongst people who i know have common ground and

harmony it’s a challenge but it can be done and i believe all the kardashian clan acknowledged the win with kim tweeting a picture of the pair with blue hearts and chloe tweeting out oh my god i want to cry tears of joy bravo and i don’t know the logistics of all that when kanye ran for office and i think he was on the ballot in california actually so hopefully he’s

not mad his family is celebrating i know kourtney kardashian actually gotten some heat because she posted a photo telling people to vote for connie like a few weeks ago so maybe she’s the only one that hasn’t congratulated biden harris yet actually then rhys witherspoon said what a tremendous moment in our nation’s history congrats to our new president

joe biden and first female vice president in our history kamala harris mark ruffalo then tweeted good work everyone we worked very hard for this we lost so many beautiful people and we must celebrate for them and move forward henceforth in a good way elizabeth banks tweeted out i’m so so relieved congrats joe biden i’m crying in the thought of kamala harris as vice president of the united states wow wow wow sasha baron cohen tweeted donald you’re out of work and i know i

offered you a job but your performance in this past week was tragic and sad offer rescinded and you just knew that Sasha baron cohen was going to make a joke about the whole thing of course you know Borat had to make a joke about the whole thing then lady gaga said joe Biden Kamala harris and the American people you just gave the world one of the greatest acts of kindness and bravery humanity has ever seen nothing but love for our new commander-in-chief and the

first female VP elected to the white house also way to go Pennsylvania and that was the nod to the fact that Pennsylvania switched from red to blue and gave Biden the victory Casey Musgraves who’s one of my favorite artists of all time as you know if you watch literally any of the channels I’m on actually referred to one of her own songs high horse once you tweeted out giddy-up and ride straight out of this town goodbye even including a gift of the music video too we

just have to stand I love her so much and then Aubry plaza uploaded a selfie of her with the president-elect Biden and of course, there were tons of other celebrity tweets as well which is expected because a lot of these same celebrities were using their platform to encourage the voting and for that reason, they could very well be partially responsible for the victory in getting younger people out to vote and I’m sure we’ll have some polling come out soon telling us if that was the

case or not all right guys that is all for the story let me know if you have any thoughts below before we head out i’m gonna shout some comments from my video on celebrities drunk on tv so mother of chaos said you did miss one the new year’s eve show where courtney love crash madonna’s interview interesting i haven’t seen that one i’m gonna have to check that

out after this thank, you for including then jane Davey said yes foof is a word for the woman part I never heard of it before is that a British thing UK thing let me know i guess that’s what i think the talk show shoe is almost British so that makes sense then James t said Mackenzie smith trying to do her makeup while drunk on her youtube channel that is one you missed he sorry I had to Mackenzie thank you James t you are amazing thanks for including that really just touched my heart you are everything sir we’d love to see it all right guys that is all for them today

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