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Hollywood director “Jose Wyden” accused of exploiting actresses

Hollywood director “Jose Wyden” accused of exploiting actresses

LOS ANGELES (Web Desk) – Leading Hollywood director Jose Wyden has been accused by several actresses of gender discrimination and exploitation.

According to a foreign news agency, Oscar-winning filmmaker Jose Weiden was accused of exploitation by Karisma Carpenter, the lead actress of the TV series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, which ran from 1997 to 2003, who tweeted: She is proud to be associated with the name of the series but does not want the name of its creator to be associated with it.

Karisma says that Jose Weiden is an expert in making the environment worse for people and disturbing them mentally and physically. She was pregnant at the time of the play 20 years ago, but the filmmaker still exploited her. She was called fat, sex and religious beliefs were ridiculed. She was told she would be fired if she wanted to complete the pregnancy. And then after the baby was born, I was kicked out of the series.

After Karisma Carpenter, Sarah Michelle Geller, the actress of the same series, also directed and spoke about her behavior and said that she was young at the time of shooting of the play but she remembers how the environment was unsafe during the shooting.

Another actress from the same drama, Amber Benson, also confirmed the allegations, saying that Karisma Carpenter was telling the truth, the shooting atmosphere of the drama was really painful.

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