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Hollywood actress Halle Berry signs multi-picture film deal with Netflix

Hollywood actress Halle Berry signs multi-picture film deal with Netflix

Halle Berry has signed a multi-picture film deal with Netflix. The actress is set to star in several movies for the streaming service, filming them all over the world and only releasing one at time instead of making people wait till it’s done shooting before watching her work on screen again!
I’m so excited about this because Halle will always be my favorite Hollywood celebrity – not just being black but also female plus having natural hair too which isn’t easy nowadays according to what I hear from other girls who have Chemotherapy or radiation treatments like mine

Following the streaming release of her directorial debut ‘Bruised’ on Netflix, actress Halle Berry has signed a multi-title deal with the service to produce and star in feature films. The signing was announced during today’s UBS Global Media and Communications Conference where it also revealed that she’ll be working closely alongside other established celebrities like Jennifer Lopez who will co-star opposite both women for original material as well as make cameos in existing dramas from different networks around– including ABC’s hit show “Scandal.”
“I’m so excited about what we’re doing,” said JLo after signing too many dotted lines (one can only assume). “It means there are new stories out there you haven’t seen yet!”

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