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Hitmakers BTS Stamp Their Authority on American Music Awards

Hitmakers BTS Stamp Their Authority on American Music Awards

The biggest names in music have long been a staple of the American awards show scene. This year, however, they took center stage for all their worth with 10 total wins including best album and record by Kendrick Lamar (for “DAMN.”)
The 2019 Billboard Music Awards is proof that even though pop-culture trends come an go quickly these days – creating new ones requires only time itself: There’s no better example than Cardi B’s win Sunday night alongside signature hitmakers The Weeknd who claimed three prizes each . In addition to his own prize during gala event namesake Justin Bieber also won two trophies one being artist while twenty one pilots picked up another trophy on behalf its songwriting–and rightfully so since

The BTS stamp their authority on American music awards
The members of the group, including Rap Monster’s solo performance at this year’s ceremony made it one not to be missed. His captivating light dance moves had people amazed where they watched him shake his hips and point into camera lens with fingers raised high up in victory signifying that he won’t go down without a fight!

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