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Here Are The Major Bills Passed By California Lawmakers In 2021

Here Are The Major Bills Passed By California Lawmakers In 2021

In the past year, California has made major changes to their laws. From legalizing cannabis and increasing gas taxes all in one swoop to making sure everyone can understand what they’re reading on a ballot because it might not just be up-to-date with current events but also future predictions of how we will live as humans if nothing changes… here are some fascinating facts about this great state’s adventures into politics!

In the coming weeks, many sweeping changes are set to take place in California. One of these is Senate Bill 1249 which aims at changing and updating laws regarding youth detention facility standards by creating a new type system for juveniles who committed crimes as well providing them education opportunities while they’re there! Another major bill passed recently was Assembly Amendments 1138 & 1191 concurring with Governor Newsom’s executive order on healthcare coverage under Social Security knowns widelyalycS available benefits like dental care or prescription drugs but not maternity leave without UCRW fund contributions.

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