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Helen George was ‘adamant’ to keep working during pregnancy

Helen George was ‘adamant’ to keep working during pregnancy

Helen George was ‘adamant’ to keep working during pregnancy The actress admits she is ‘incredibly fortunate’ to have been able to keep working throughout her pregnancy, despite being ‘adamant’ about not wanting to put her baby before her career. The 33-year-old star welcomed her first child, daughter Willow, with husband Greg Wise in March, and Helen has revealed she would have kept working if she could have. Speaking to the Daily Mail’s Weekend magazine, she said: ‘I’m incredibly fortunate to be able to do that. I’m adamant that the baby comes first, but I’m adamant that the work comes first too.

I want to work and I want to bring her up and I want to do everything.’ Helen also said she was ‘nervous’ about becoming a mum, but she is ‘glad’ to have Willow. She said: ‘It’s a joyous thing to be able to put your experience and your love into someone else and make them grow. I was nervous because of course it’s a huge thing to be a mother.’

Helen George has admitted she refused to take time off work when she was pregnant. The 32-year-old actress, who is expecting a baby girl with husband James Thornton, said she felt “adamant” about continuing with her role in new movie Summer of Rockets. She told The Sun: “I wanted to continue working and I was adamant about that. “I felt really good, really fit and healthy while I was pregnant. I had a really healthy pregnancy.”

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