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“Health” is accelerated by the religion Corona, the danger of being forced by the country japan

It’s good to be healthy. But doctor Koshiro Owaki, 36, says he doesn’t have to be healthy at the expense of the enjoyment of life, such as putting up with sweets and alcohol. He points out that there are many things that can be called “superstitions” that are said to be good for health in the first place. It is said that the trend of “health supremacy” that is strengthened by the corona sickness only makes us cramped.

Owaki Koshiro Born in 1983 in Osaka Prefecture. After graduating from medical school, he became a part-time worker for two years, wondering if he was suitable for a doctor. After working for a publishing company and operating a medical information site, he became a doctor. His book is “Protecting Life from’Health'” and his translation is “Health Deterioration: The End of Human Medicine and the Rise of Compulsory Health Principles”.

――Isn’t it good to be careful about “health”?

“From a simple point of view, it is decided that it is better to live a healthy and long life. However, it is necessary to have an ambivalent point of view that you may be sacrificing too much in pursuit of health. Be careful with your food. ”But it may be a very difficult choice for that person. Is it okay to live a health-first way of life, even if it makes life boring? I have something more important than health. ”

――Do you mean that you should live thick and short?

“That’s right to say it flatly, and even the same person said” thick and short “, but when he finally got sick, he said,” I should have been more careful about my health. ” Don’t blame me, “Have you seen it?” The way you think about health changes from time to time in your life. Health is important, but it may not always be the best. There is an air that is hard to say. ”

――For example?

“Tobacco is a good example. It used to be the norm for adult men to smoke. That’s just bad for the last 20 to 30 years, and it’s something that should be eliminated as much as possible. Is it really good? Of course, the rights of people who dislike tobacco, such as preventing second-hand smoke, should be respected, but the idea of ​​wanting to live thick and short even if you hurt yourself is also respected. Should be “

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