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Head of Xbox Phil Spencer Talks About Console Wars

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer Talks About Console Wars

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer, who is the head of Xbox, sat down for an interview with IGN about the reveal of the Xbox One X. During the interview, Spencer had a lot to say about Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro, which came out a year before the Xbox One X. Spencer called the PS4 Pro a “good product” and added that he believes the PS4 Pro is more about Sony catching up to the Xbox One in terms of performance.

Spencer also said that the PS4 Pro is “a little bit more of a straightforward upgrade” than the Xbox One X. He believes that the PS4 Pro is intended for the people who “don’t want to move to a new console generation.” Spencer also added that he believes Sony has a “philosophy” behind the naming of their consoles.

He said that Sony is “very deliberate” about the “number and name” of their consoles. Spencer stated that he believes Sony’s consoles are named in order to make gamers think that “[Sony] are going to be putting out a new console soon.”

Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft’s Xbox program, talked about the console wars during a recent interview with The Guardian. He believes that the console war has shifted over the years, and that the competition is more about the software now.

He also talked about how the Xbox One X can compete with the PlayStation 4 Pro, especially considering that the Xbox One X is $100 more expensive than the PS4 Pro. He also mentions that the Xbox One X is aimed at the enthusiast gamers, and that the users who are willing to pay for the extra $100 are the ones who are the most loyal to the platform.

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