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Hannity: Media thinks Biden a sure winner, voters can prove them wrong

Hannity: Media thinks Biden a sure winner, voters can prove them wrong

with just seven days to go until election day democrats their allies the media mob are doing everything they can possibly do to demoralize voters especially the supporters of the president and despite major progress in our fight against covert 19 including advancements that are huge in therapeutics multiple final human stage trials for a vaccine courtesy of president trump’s operation warp speed a rebounding economy we’re expecting massive third quarter gdp numbers this week on thursday despite all of the good news there is now a constant coronavirus hysteria 24 7 on every other news network they want you to believe there’s no hope under president trump in fact according to the media research center 92 percent of all network news coverage of the president has been negative that’s 92 percent and right on cue joe biden predicting the dark winter unless you elect him apparently nobody’s told them about the therapeutics and the vaccines

that we’re very close to getting that’s right the cognitively struggling weak frail 77 year old who often doesn’t even remember who he’s running against is somehow going to instantly rescue america from covert 19. today biden accidentally even called his running mates husband kamala kamala’s wife he said it this seems to happen every time joe misses his nap and yesterday he struggled mightily to answer a simple unscripted question take a look here’s the deal here’s the deal one of the things that that is important is that keep in mind although they’re going to vote on uh barrett that’s the guy that’s going to save the world from everything now his stated plans on covet for example already been completed and completely implemented already done by president trump maybe he missed it he he was napping the whole time hiding in his basement joe’s barely able to leave that bunker for more than one day at a time in fact as of now

there are no public events scheduled for joe tomorrow less than one week away from the election joe still constantly taking days off the media mob wants you to think joe has it in the bag they’re constantly touting polls they’re saying joe is in the lead in the lead no chance for trump but keep in mind these are the same polls that got it wrong in 2016. and coming up on this program we will talk to two pollsters that actually got it right in 2016. we’ll get their take on the state of the race one is robert cahally from the trafalgar group who is now showing the president with a lead in michigan also showing a lead for the president in pennsylvania and nearly a three-point lead in the state of north carolina very important state meanwhile he’s showing a one-point lead for biden and wisconsin if president trump wins any

combination of those states he will be well on his way to re-election but as you can see the margins are like 2016 razor thin anything can happen my advice to all of you you’re the ultimate jury is assume that your vote will be the deciding vote if everyone wants to stop the radical biden harris bolshevik bernie aoc anti-fossil fuel higher taxes open border amnesty packing the court agenda you’re going to need to vote and according to the hill democrats are now underperforming in early voting in three critical swing states that would be florida iowa nevada and keep in mind the enthusiasm gap is enormous joe biden is lucky to have a dozen people at an event even with jon bon jovi and meanwhile everywhere the president goes he’s greeted by massive historic unprecedented crowds supporters waiting in line hours and hours and hours even sleeping overnight to hear the president speak his rallies are held at huge and massive venues filled with tens of thousands of people so what does it mean for the upcoming election

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