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Halo Subreddit Temporarily Shutdown Because Angry Gamers Won’t Stop Being Toxic Assholes

Halo¬†Subreddit Temporarily Shutdown Because Angry Gamers Won’t Stop Being Toxic Assholes

Halo is a fun online shooter game and has a very large fanbase. Unfortunately, that fanbase is extremely toxic and has been harassing the moderators of the subreddit for quite some time. The moderators had enough of the toxic people and temporarily shutdown the subreddit. This is interesting because the Halo subreddit is one of the largest on Reddit. It is also interesting because it shows how toxic people can drive away good people and turn a game you once loved into a toxic cesspool of hate.

The r/Halo subreddit was taken offline this past weekend after moderators decided they had had enough of the rampant toxicity of their community. The moderators of the subreddit, who manage the forum and its nearly 300,000 subscribers on a daily basis, took the forum offline on Saturday. The move was announced on the subreddit’s Twitter account where it was stated that the subreddit would be taken offline until the community could agree on a new set of rules for the forum.

The current set of rules for the subreddit were created in May 2016 and the moderators believe that they have not been effective. The current rules include a ban on hate speech and attacking other users. The rules also ban the posting of memes and vague titles, along with other guidelines.

Last night, the giant Halo Subreddit community was temporarily shutdown because angry gamers won’t stop being toxic ********. The Subreddit, which has more than 300,000 subscribers, was shutdown with a message posted by a moderator explaining why the situation was “beyond repair”. The moderator went on to explain that the community had been flooded with toxicity, causing the moderators to lose hope in the community.

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