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GXO pilots customised robotic arm for fashion e-commerce logistics

GXO pilots customised robotic arm for fashion e-commerce logistics

GXO, a developer and integrator of robotic automation technology for e-commerce logistics services, has combined its expertise in robotics with fashion retailer Zalora to customise an automated arm that will be fitted on the company’s warehouse robot.
The team at GXO designed and integrated a second additional human machine interface (HMI) onto their mobile platform so as to meet specific requirements from ZALORA such as providing added touch screen capabilities along with enhanced safety features including emergency procedures training modules similar to those used by airlines. The resulting system is able provide support automatically if it detects any issue or problem during operation. The first version was launched last year but this time around they have made some significant upgrades like improved speed which can reach up

GXO- a robotics company, customised its robotic arm to help enable fashion eCommerce logistics for an apparel and footwear brand. The robot works as both warehouse inventory checker and picker by using various sensors such as 3D laser scanning system to identify objects in the environment. These robots can work 24 hours without human intervention but has been programmed with several failsafe mechanisms including two emergency stop buttons on either side of it’s torso which will sound alarms if pressed during operation.

GXO pilots customised robotic arm that uses technologies from other applications like factory floor automation, wearable devices etc., into automated processes requiring dexterity precision arising out of dynamic environments where humans interact with complex machinery systems at real time i.e., Warehouse Logistics Management Systems

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