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Greeny urges the Packers to give Aaron Rodgers another WR before the trade deadline

Greeny urges the Packers to give Aaron Rodgers another WR before the trade deadline

green bay packers don’t need any advice for me but i’m going to give it to them anyway we are just four days away from the nfl’s trade deadline and the story line in and around green bay going all the way back to last april has been why is it they are already looking forward to a future beyond aaron rodgers instead of trying to win while you have this great quarterback well do you know what this team is right now this team is exactly what it has been the last few years just good enough for aaron rodgers to take them into the playoffs and not win a championship please green bay get aaron rodgers the help that he needs one more piece that could put them over the top when they ran up against tampa he was not he did

not have the weapons to go toe-to-toe with tom brady you make a trade for someone like i’m just going to throw a name out there will fuller who i’ve been told is available from houston and has caught a touchdown in five straight games and takes the top off a defense i think that could be the difference-making piece and get aaron rodgers another ring before you unceremoniously show him the door in green bay which you seem so eager to do so that’s my unsolicited advice for the packers i now turn to you diana racini and i charge you with making that happen do they have a deal out there to make

when did i start running the packers this is something i believe in as well um i think that they whiffed on their running back in the second round this year i think they’ve really committed to show that that they believe aaron rodgers can make anybody look good by not giving him these weapons but this is the time now you look at the rest of the nfc and you see every team has one or excuse me two or more number one receivers right you mentioned the bucks here we see what they did with bringing on antonio brown here this is the time now to give aaron rodgers his weapons devonte adams is fantastic but he does deal with injuries after that not very good this is an opportunity if they really want to make that

push into the playoffs rc what do you think i think we got to stop going back and forth y’all right the beginning of the season we’re talking about aaron rodgers being in the mvp conversation because he’s playing so well because matt lafleur is doing such a good job we had to get there after the entire offseason saying how they won’t be able to create offense they won’t be able to produce on the outside and they did some of these things without devante adams even being a part of the lineup because of injury and now all of a sudden this is why they’re going to win i like the will fuller thing i think that he can add something down the field but that’s not the reason they lost to the tampa bay buccaneers if you want them to beat

the tampa bay buccaneers you better get somebody to block if you want them to beat the tampa bay buccaneers you better get somebody that can help them stop the run there are more problems on this team than getting aaron rodgers weapons right now because they’ve found ways to work and use them i just don’t know if this is the answer more or less than some giving him something to make him feel a little bit good about himself rob nikovich what do you think so i think green bay should listen to ninco here go over to your phone pick it up call the new york giants get joe judge on the phone say hey

you got a guy over there golden tate we need them we need them because right now the giants their seasons it’s over so go get golden tate bring him on the green bay packers it’s a veteran leader who you know is reliable can can be do the intermediate route guy for you you don’t need them to be a speedster down the field just somebody that you’re reliable that can bring some depth to the receiving core just in case you have an issue so green bay go get golden tate

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