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Graham warns ‘most radical agenda in history’ if Senate flips

Graham warns ‘most radical agenda in history’ if Senate flips

This is literally, you know, The showdown of all showdowns in Terms of politics and What it Means. And we don’t want to win one of Them, we want to win both of Them. We need to one both of them. the road to socialism does Not run through georgia. So you may have heard, now we Take Georgia, then we change America. Well, you know what? That’s right, no way. Chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, You’re not going to take Georgia. It’s ours. [cheers and applause] Steve: down in

georgia yesterday Marco rubio, the senator from The great state of florida, Appearing on behalf of senator Kelly loeffler. Let’s bring in another u.s. Senator, south carolina Republican senator lindsey Graham, chairman of the senate Judiciary committee. He was on tv a lot earlier this Week. Senator, we know that a number Of republicans are going down to

Georgia. Mike pence is going to be there In about a week with. On the democratic side, it Sounds like they would like to Have barack obama, maybe kamala Harris. You’re donating not only your Time, you’ve got something else Up your sleeve, don’t you? yeah. I’m going to donate a million Dollars to senator loeffler and Perdue from my campaign to make

Sure they have the resources to Combat a tsunami of liberal Money about to sink georgia. The democrats outspent us in 2020 probably 3461. My opponent — 3-1. My opponent if raised $145 Million through the act blue Giving app where liberals all Over america can send small Donations in to democratic Candidates. I raised $108 million thanks to Your

audience. I’m going to do two things, give Them a million bucks to help Them from my campaign and Challenge every republican who Has a web site in the senate and The house, direct every donation To georgia. So if you come on to

Lindsaygraham some, you will Find out how to give to perdue And loafler. If we don’t come back — combat Act blue, we’re in trouble. Act blue raised $1.5 billion in The last three months. We’ve got to get better. I’ve got 2 million donors, i’m Going to ask my donors to help Georgia, and i would encourage Every other republican just Don’t go to georgia, give to Georgia. Steve: ainsley? Ainsley: what — thank you. What exactly does it mean to the American family that’s watching

Right now? How important is that election In georgia? [laughter] it means everything about the Structure of your nation. If you took ninth grade civic es Years ago like i did, it means That they would change the Course. There would be 13 people on the Supreme court because they need To expand it to make it liberal. The electoral college would be Changed so

that new york and California pick the president. South carolina and georgia won’t Matter anymore because it’d be a Popular vote election. I can see georgia from my front Porch. I drink the same water as my Friends in georgia. President trump is tweeting to Help georgia. America’s on the ballot in Georgia. What we’re trying to do is stop The most radical

agenda in the History of american politics From the being enacted, and Georgia stands in the way of Socialism to america. So to my friends in georgia, We’ve never needed you more. What you do on january 5th will Determine what america looks Like. If you keep senate in republican Hands, i will be the budget Chairman. If we lose the senate because

Georgia got it wrong, bernie Sanders will be chairman of the Budget committee. That’s about as big a difference As you can think of. Brian: absolutely. Meanwhile, your friend, the President of the united states, Is battling to get four more Years. In the meantime, he has blown up The higher-ups including the Secretary of defense at the Pentagon. There’s

some strong reports that The president’s going to start Pulling everybody out everywhere From germany to afghanistan, to South korea. Is that a concern of yours? well, i don’t believe it. I think he’s been a good Commander in chief. We killed the number two in Al-qaeda about two weeks ago in Afghanistan. To trust the taliban to police Al-qaeda and isis would be Insane. Our presence in south korea is a Buffer against china and keeps North korea e in check. Having a troop reduction

in Afghanistan makes sense, pulling Out makes no sense. Radical islam is very present in Afghanistan, and our troops over There are an insurance policy Against another 9/11. I don’t believe this. I think the president’s been too Good of a commander in chief to Do something like that at the End. So i’ll believe it when i see It, is and i’m confident he will Keep

america safe. And the election’s not over, by The way. Somebody needs to be talking About nevada. These lawsuits in nevada are Very promising. In nevada they have a machine to Verify mail-in ballot Signatures. If you don’t have a signature on A mail-in ballot, then it’s Useless. The ma was basically — machine Was basically turned off. They ran

millions of ballots, And the signature component of It was already literally turned Off, so they accepted every Signature whether it was Fraudulent or not. They may win that lawsuit. Steve: senator, when you look at The various states, for the most Part, tens of thousands of votes Separate donald trump from joe Biden. And west we’ve heard from the Experts, it’s got to be some Sort of systemic fraud, some Gigantic thing. When you look at what has Happened so far, what we know

Of, i mean, we haven’t seen all The lawsuits perhaps that they Will file, but what we’ve heard Of so far, do you think any of Those things has a chance of Overturning any of the states? yes, i do. So let me just, again, tell me What i just said about nevada. If you vote by mail and you Don’t have a signature, do y’all Agree that that’s a sham? If i just send a ballot

marked With biden and no signature, you Could vote a thousand times. So requiring the signature on Mail-in voting is essential to Make it lawful, right? Well, how do you verify the Signature? You have two ways to do it, Human beings look at the Signature or the computer looks At the signature. What i’m telling you, they set Up a computer in nevada so low That it would accept any Signature. Signature verification in nevada Was meaningless because they set The computer up

on a setting Where it would approve anything. They need to rerun — Steve: who? Who put the machine on that? the clark county voting Machine signature ballot Verification component of the Computer was basically turned Off. I am convinced if you ran these Signatures through with the Machine set at the proper Setting, thousands of ballots Would be have found

to be kicked Out. You remember the story about People filling out ballots on The hood of a car? We have a witness seeing that, That they filled out ballots on A biden/harris truck. Those are fraudulent signatures. If you don’t have a system to Check out the signatures, Mail-in ballots become just, Just ballot stuffing. So what are they doing in Georgia? Are you

looking at the Signature? It’s not enough to recount the Vote. I want to make sure that the Signature on a mail-in ballot is Actually real. Does it match the database. And i can tell you in nevada They had the machine cut off. It might as well is have not had A machine. And that’s what’s at stake in Nevada, and quite frankly, there Are places where that may have Happened. Ainsley: gosh. It might not change the outcome Of the election, but at least it Would help preserve integrity, Which we’re all seeking. Thank you so much, senator, for

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