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Graham on Biden abolishing oil industry: ‘It’s the dumbest idea in the world’

Graham on Biden abolishing oil industry: ‘It’s the dumbest idea in the world’

senate judiciary chairman Lindsey graham good evening senator you’ve often said that this is a choice election what is your take on my open right you nailed it’s a choice between higher taxes lower taxes open borders health care for illegal immigrants secure borders conservative judges versus liberal judges a strong military versus weak foreign policy turning our system upside down the biggest choice election in the history of the country and let me just say this imagine four more years of president trump with the republican senate 250 judges confirmed already three supreme court justices imagine four more years of managing

the tax code controlling the military being able to put conservative judges on the court it’s just it just excites me about the second term of Donald trump all right now senator you have just completed judiciary hearings on candidate Amy coney Barrett the uh for the supreme court um and my kudos to you you did it nothing stopped you nothing distracted you you ran a tight ship but what is the schedule now when will it go before the complete floor when will the vote be and do you have the votes uh we have the votes judge we’re going to vote on judge Barrett I think Monday evening we’ve got i think every republican but one she’s the most highly qualified nominee I’ve ever seen in my entire life she’s a conservative

a woman who embraces her faith she’s on unshamely pro-life but she’s not going to impose the law of amy on the rest of us she’ll apply the law to the facts we have the votes I think she’ll be on the court early next week and this is one of the most significant accomplishments for president trump a constitutional conservative on the court this makes three this is why we’re in this business this is why we work so hard this is why we put up with all the bs for moments like this is a very big deal America thank you president trump all right and thank you for the way you handled it now

I want to talk just for a moment about uh what happened with joe Biden in the debate toward the end of the debate when he talked about oil and the impact you think that his transitioning out of oil is going to be in the election well it’s going to destroy our economy if we go out of the oil and gas business millions of Americans will lose their job everybody who produces oil in the middle east will be stronger we will lose our energy independence if we go down the road charted by Biden harris China and India will be the biggest winners we’re going to our economy in the name of saving the environment we’re not going to ask China and India to change their behavior at all but to destroy the oil and gas business uh will be a boom for the middle east it will make us energy-dependent

our foreign policy will change it’s the dumbest idea in the world that is on the ballot the radical nature of the Biden-harris regime could not be more radical than destroying the oil and gas industry making us dependent on people in the middle east who hate our guts you know my opponents raised 109 million dollars to take me out they want the senate so badly they’re trying to destroy this president who’s had the best president since Ronald Reagan so help me I’m up here fighting for amy judge I’m not going home till we get her on the court lindseygram.com tell every friend you’ve got if you don’t have a friend to make a friend that you don’t want America to be out of the oil and gas business and be dependent on the Mideast all over again Lindsey graham.com help me

well yeah right and and you know i understand that that is that is the most money that’s ever been raised for a senatorial race in in american history in history why liberals hate my guts i stood up for kavanaugh when they tried i was going to get to the why but i didn’t want it i’ll tell you why they hate my guts i stood up for kavanagh when they tried to destroy the man’s life i’ve been a friend of president trump the unpardonable sin is to help this man who’s been a hell of a president uh and uh now i’m helping judge barrett they’re trying to take me out every liberal in the country sending money to south carolina south carolina’s not for sale but i need people listening to this program who believe in president trump and conservatism to help me to finish strong lindsey graham.com don’t let san francisco by calif uh south carolina well you know uh you certainly uh have had quite a fight but i think the way you handled uh the kavanaugh hearing i think that was one of your finest moments and certainly with amy coney barrett uh on on the road uh and getting her nominated before election day will be absolutely incredible so senator lindsey graham thank you so much for being with us and good luck

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