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Pakistan Government’s big action against whitening creams

Pakistan Government’s big action against whitening creams, ISalamabad: The government has taken major action against bleaching creams, including non-standard creams and international brands.

According to the details, whitening creams and soaps available in different parts of the country are widely used, but they are very dangerous for our skin.

Speaking on ARY News program Bakhbar Sawira, Minister of State Zartaj Gul said that 59 creams were tested in the lab and 57 of them were found to contain mercury. These creams also included international brands. It turned out that 4 out of 14 soaps are dangerous for the skin.

Zartaj Gul said that the solution to this problem would be worked out in collaboration with the companies. In this regard, the cosmetic companies have been given time till the end of the year.

Zartaj Gul said that she was aware of this problem even before she came to power. She used to look at advertisements and wonder why women are ashamed of their color. People also talk about them. Sanoli women are also told that if your complexion is not clear, you will not get married
“National and multinational companies that make bleaching whites have exacerbated the situation, first humiliating the whites and then launching various creams to stop us from using our creams,” he said. You will be able to walk with pride. I have started a campaign against them.
“When I became a minister, I saw what international protocols we adhered to. Among them was the Minamata Convention, which we also signed in 2013, but it hasn’t worked out to date,” said Zartaj Gul. I took him out and got him to work on it in the cabinet, so obviously everyone knew about it, the companies know that work is being done in this regard, I also talked to several CEOs. Has been happening. Earlier I did not have any law to remove substandard creams from the market, but now there will be action against them.

Talking to Bakhbar Sawira, Pakistani film and TV actress Amna Ilyas said that women do not have to suffer because of wheat color, but Sanoli color has not only been a problem for women but also for men. People get ridiculed by friends.

He said that this problem is more prominent among women because the biggest problem of their marriages is that no matter what the boy wants, we want the girl to be fair. And that’s the problem for women. Mothers also keep putting pressure on their daughters to do this. There is a lot of pressure on girls in this regard because of marriages.

“I have noticed in workplaces that white women are preferred, especially air hostesses,” said Amna Elias. Women also have to pay a lot of money for this job. Expressing anger over the actresses promoting creams, Amna said that the actresses also encourage girls to advertise beauty creams. We should not make others feel inferior.

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