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‘Ghostbusters’ sequel tops N. America box office with $44 million

‘Ghostbusters’ sequel tops N. America box office with $44 million

The highly-anticipated Ghostbusters sequel is finally in theaters, and it didn’t disappoint. The movie was so good that it’s now at number one on the box office with $44 million dollars!
The female cast including Melissa McCarthy as Spengler, Kristen Wiig as university professor Erin Gilbert (who appears to have teamed up again after their initial meeting), Leslie Jones playing New York City council leader Barbara minus Holtzmann’s computer system nicknamed “Bates”, Sigourney Weaver reprising her role

The new Ghostbusters film has topped box office charts in North America with $44 million.
Manitoba, Saskatchewan and parts of Ontario were some popular draws for this summer blockbuster!

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