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Georgia runoffs will determine future of the US: Sen Kennedy

Georgia runoffs will determine future of the US: Sen Kennedy

Trace: wow, jonathan serrie Live in atlanta. Thank you. sandra: senator john kennedy Of louisiana joins us now. Senator kennedy, great to have You here this morning. You know, we come in off of These georgia races and well oh He see what happens there. The importance of it. I’ll ask you about that as i Read you the headline by mark Theesen this morning.

Trump could run and win in 2024 But first he needs to save the Senate majority. What do you see happening there And how can president trump Step in and insure victory for The republican party? sandra, i’m honored to be With you on

veterans day. A day that we thank all of our Veterans as we should every day. I can’t overstate the Importance of georgia. We have — if you count alaska We’re also going to win we have 50 republican votes. We need 51 to hold the majority. It will be determined in Georgia. What happens in georgia is Going to determine the future Of the united states for the Next four years. Now, if speaker pelosi and Senator schumer and senator Sanders and congresswoman Alexandria ocasio-

cortez win in Georgia, you’ve got nothing to Worry about unless you are a Taxpayer, a business owner, a Parent, a cop, a gun owner, a Person of faith, or an unborn Baby. You’ve got nothing to worry About if they get control of The united states senate unless You care about the american Dream. You’ve got nothing to worry About if they get control of The united states senate unless You believe in more freedom as Opposed to more free stuff. That’s what’s at stake. It is all

hands on deck. The american people are going To get and decide are we going To live under democracy or Socialism? sandra: that’s the point of The piece. I’ll put this on the screen. Before leaving the white house He says he, the president, has One job to do, one last job to Do. He must save the republican Senate majority. If democrats win the two Georgia

senate runoffs they’ll Take control of the chamber. They can then get rid of the Filibuster and pass whatever Radical legislation they like. In this same piece seems like That echoes your point. In this same piece he says that Means the 2024

republican Nomination is trump’s if he Wants it. He talks about the loyalty of His base more than any President in modern history, an Army of 71 million voters. What do you want to see the President do next assuming that Joe biden makes his transition Into office? well, number one i want to See the president finish Prosecuting his claims of Require regularity, the Integrity of the electoral System depends on it. We had tens of millions of Americans that think that the

Election was rigged as a Carnival ring toss. And it is important that they — however the election comes Out that we all accept the Results. So we have to finish letting Our courts do their job. In terms of what happens after That, i hope the president Regardless of how the legal Claims come out, helps us in Georgia. We need the help. He is very popular in

georgia. And i don’t want — i can’t Understate the importance of This. I don’t recognize many of my Colleagues on the democratic Party anymore. Many of them really are Socialists. They really are to the left of Len-in. They really do believe in open Borders and abortion is a moral Good and the way to deal with Iran is with hugs and hot cocoa. It will change

america if the Democrats get control of the United states senate. We’re not going to let it Happen but we have to have the Help of the american people. I think they’ll — our friends In georgia will step up. The media will tell them how They ought

to vote but lots of Times american voters don’t Vote like they’re told to. They’ve learned to filter what They get on the internet and Through some of the national News organizations and make Decisions for themselves. They aren’t morons.

sandra: we’re looking a live Look in georgia as we’re Anticipating a rally to happen Shortly as all eyes will be on That state until january. Senator kennedy, we saw quite a Bit of you yesterday and you Really gave former f.b.i. Acting director andrew mccabe a Grilling when he appeared Before the senate judiciary Committee where you sit. He was grilled on

russian Meddling and fisa abuse. Here is some of what we saw. you weren’t fired for Parking in the handicapped Parking spot at the f.b.i., Were you? You were fired for lying, were You not? He will only ask questions About where his information. Had you done that he would have Got it from dan chinko and it All would have come apart. But you never

looked and it Sort of looks like you didn’t Want to. And i don’t know what is in Your head or your heart but i Can tell you what it looked Like to the american people at The very minimum. Incompetence tsunami. And they’re thinking how did These guys make it through the Birth canal? sandra: senator kennedy the President said this. Don’t let andrew mccabe

Continue to get away with Totally criminal activity. He writes. What he did should never be Allowed to happen to our Country again. Fight for justice. That was a message to you and Your committee clearly and your Party, senator. What is the endgame here? well, there is an Investigation. The f.b.i. does have an Investigation. And we’re waiting to hear about

It. When you step back, sandra, and Look at what happened it’s kind Of breathtaking. Mr. Mccabe, mr. Comey and a few Others trump haters decided to Investigate the republican Nominee for president of the United states and later the President of the united states. And you say well, they must Have had a good reason. Here is what they based it on. First

they based it on chris Steele, who is a president Trump hater. He is kind of a groupy at the F.b.i. He was buddies with some of These guys. And chris steele went to his Buddies there and said you need To investigate trump. And his basis for that was this Guy from russia. It turns out he wasn’t some Upper level person in russia, He was some young person at a Liberal washington, d.c. Think-tank who was getting all This information from some of His drinking buddies in russia

And later admitted i didn’t Know if any of it was true. Somebody told me that the President was using prostitutes In russia and i passed it on. Nobody at the f.b.i. checked it Out for six months. Mccabe didn’t, comey didn’t, Strzok didn’t, they just Pounced on it like a ninja. They ought to hide their heads In a bag. sandra: what is your plan For accountability?

The american people hear what You are saying and so what Happens? well, if the u.s. attorney In connecticut — i believe It’s connecticut, can prove That it was intentional, they Should be prosecuted. All of them. And i notice mccabe yesterday

Was very careful to say — Mccabe yesterday said Repeatedly my words, not his. Look, i will admit i was a Chuckle head.

I’ll admit we did a horrible Job with this. I will admit we were negligent. But we didn’t do it Intentionally. We didn’t do it intentionally. He is speaking to the u.s. Attorney. He is saying please don’t Prosecute me. sandra: senator, i Appreciate your time this Morning on that and a lot more That is going on as this Country tries to move forward. Keep us updated on where all

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