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Georgia officials provide election updates

Georgia officials provide election updates

I’m happy to report builders have responded favorably to our new balance devices it’s not easy use. It is. About paper products and lexi about time you. By the scale. This a lot puts to rest. The in flamebird are state. Or not it state who have looked at some out about our systems and account for the claim is a lot of access. To alexion’s matter. Completing the solicitor general future crossed but it’s far from the former we will. I’m really starting. To working to service this. And

then from her stay and local runoff election on december first and then the september senate runoff. Between loeffler after the war on january fifth. This a long effort because we have. Together after the ballots to decide runoff to give notice time to return. Well i’m everyone knows someone who and their- george town right now we have a two hundred dollar left to count with the after about. Can work towards getting is many they could and then across about four to fifty per

ballots cast every legal. Count. Where site that everything about will be georgia because not. We. For the completed today. We’re pushing really hard for that if we get if we don’t get it there but we get the number so small that there is no question of who actually the winners i think that’ll be helpful really remove all those questions that people might have.

What do you make of this. About what three to. Rescue all. That only something up. Lecture will get out this is have that information. There’s that the u. S. S. This week so please make sure all absentee. Had been. And in some places that take place you know have you george just in. Well i. Concern one makes the- gets to a. Don’t have a this on that. That’s we also instituted asked the ballot drop boxes. Are concerned with that would have to wait too long that to the mail that’s why we

have the- which is very over c. By. Voters in george so you don’t have to work at that place. Yeah i don’t have it. This is with we’ll circle back at that if. Out follow up about. Well several capital we know there. This this is. So working town is the that they could begin the process of the absolute which is very helpful so i know that of the school you can richmond

county. They were really all kurtz with every the others. We also have additional. Criminal two to the big drop. So how the had to scan those and so they’ll be getting that the camera is page about its takes law. To get those raw for this process zero the question act. Well i know that. Yeah my number here we’re- fifty two of the for the cat right now we have some without five fulton county after. At forty three the early votes. Yeah that’s dollars right now some will get you the target

because- states would be. With all the camps. Well. I’m not aware of that this the first time of doing it state wide. And so what that really give you personally i think higher profits of voters and others a lot of information out there one of misinformation out there. That’s just like. We understand that’s why the rest of. The world verified results so if there’s a replacement which was reported. Fifty one forty nine we do the audit. We can verify the result in some have over ninety

per called level thank keep a dish sure. I think also that. Hoosier very comfortable just keep them back for feel. A little me look for the cast of. And that’s good thing all. There five. After we then have the answer. So nothing is to certify. After we do the on the technology. We have personal it to your right. That is close but not all the top you can for me we actually

have a request for seriously represent. Commission rates or any race with it. We’ll just wait to get everybody out of and that’s why very important. Actually pulling out of burning through then we actually. She will that brings us and then looking at the words are on the on the ballot some point. Interesting. Differences have well. **** off all that that’s division there five you can re scan but also why. So without to kick it out the reason. Everyone corrections could actually see.

That’s why we have the education. Republican democrat election. Have three sets of eyes their verified so we at least. Three five two. Vegetation called on each ballot sweet make sure capture the correct. If their cash is an eighty-two cast percent yes yeah. This is the state’s yeah yeah. Yeah we wanna make sure follows the law we’re always of look at what is the state law that’s right legal counsel answering legal questions we want to make sure. The laws very clear. With the

state’s law we don’t believe that to look just like. At the time. Although it’s. That’s a very expensive process verifying the signature going through they’re separating it out we have state days and days of all time some of the state’s much too many people’s consternation. Because we understand it’s a close election. Yeah we’re going five we’re really pleased with.

We’ll be off everyone’s radar record about the state’s north your website. Doesn’t keep up with you absentee ballots. Right yeah that’s a good report then it’ll be. Just adding to that two hundred. Of thanks because it’s process just keep on adding that and then eventually have all done. No that you of the final calls for that project account. Yes with. We need. What it’s

about 1% last time further. White house well last of about 1% of the of. One seven fox fox is ridiculous see like so there is of those actually rejected by the commission actually down at the all three of the folks two of the three foxes was set yeah they really wanted. This this research we.

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