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Georgia officials announce statewide recount

Georgia officials announce statewide recount

Now and call. There is four hundred forty in floyd. There’s parking thirty five hundred and one at the reconciliation process what they had already reported first what they have left and we stand. Thank that’s it couple more county one day seven ago nine because we had. Yesterday replacing from the apps ballot differences. And when they look at their

reconciliation on it. Vegas that they had accidentally upload those into their election day totals totals not. But people polljune when i make that today. So outside of that we have in other numbers we are aware of that again i one reminder. We have balakirev processes through today perhaps ballots verification process for provisional ballots and we can still get

three. Or more alexander by close of business today three or postmark on tuesday election day. So there are still an unknowable. Allison will be available to be. Counted at some point they are in the hands of the a lot of lessons officials now other than maybe the military problem once. And i can assure you that there are teams of twenty somethings around the state republicans and democrats fighting those people with those absentee ballots secure. And they’re going that

processes county by county in ones and twos and just have three of the question i was going to come up. Receive widespread fraud or say anything to make this question after the election we’re not seeing wife regularities i’m not seeing anything widespread we are we are investigating any. Credible accusations with any real evidence behind it. Only tell you one thing. When you’re a narrow margin. Little slow thing can make it. So should have investing okay the integrity about

are intends to do. And finds that you know what margin lives matter much narrow margins deaths we’re literally at a margin of less than yeah a large high school so we had that in the state county were aware of that are best as a way of that so it’s important to. Intact of this life from also without the require. Yes. So one presidency george november. With the time line have life out essentially with what’s going the timeline again so we should be able to about a number i never had

a made justin deadline hours you’ll his so. One thing is always going to be. A noble and now lost they can affect what we have to get your room. Country in a of laws. So one thing from you something’s. We’re gonna have to do that what the legal costs work its way out. But given the laws we have in our situation. And part that we are in today. Today’s day to pay your all the has given get the military overseas. And then i’ll verifying. The provisions. So like if you’re out out of the- then

you have. Where the county’s me user around. Senate that they give much paperwork either reconciliations and make sure that everything fine. And trust me if you want hard out it again they’re all very tight we’re working with them very bill to get has passed as we can. Because certificates. Can come only after do our research limiting blocked. An estimated

time as a doing as part of b. Three sixteen. Secretary wraps burgers i like reform. So that. And then we’re gonna have. The state’s of. Now our mountain that is november first. Our hope in intent working with system that really. And at that point whom ever in so winning. Trump’s or by president. Either one of them was ever second play in request that is one half. Your recount from. The week we have no and actually don’t. Have the president. And. For more bicker that. Three

hundred nine election thousand of poll worker election hundreds of on on get a panels they’re all there as noted this is a process you can watch this. They have paperwork okay there’s reckons there’s a paper on top of paperwork and cases we know how many ballots there are one of the things we know from the beginning from what is that all knew the basic amount about that were quickly so parking in the military coming. Bmr act about the your end of because there’s also a

noel at even at a tuesday people out questions why do you know what how many you have because it’s impossible because there’s no law me the caesar done to protect the balance of the who really want to make sure your. So in general. S. This office has worked very hard. For making three sixty which allow for. Notifications to be. Sent out for about. Receive

towards the end of the- they need to be one five hours of reading more for process on this. And that’s not the case is about. Yeah. Well i’m i’m not gonna talk about health education this time- participants for recounting because we have yeah yeah. Yes. One the person’s actual mines on that they were the republicans are in democrats and all different levels shares remodel public. Right obviously. Republicans are republican i only nothing. So. And. In general we have people

have. This officers to every legal all the all the legal mins. Will extend. Please bicker process and hear something from. You we have no way of possibly one she will ask would say. More than zero. Yes there are there any challenges all. I watch a lot watching the house everybody jumps through the ropes i’m not aware of any of the stocks. Recently all done before the weekend. On that and one hour make sure understand. A lot is. Mostly without half a percent each other. I’m sorry

your speculation about a recount nine six race holding a. This also daily. So one of them about right now there’s no way. This as i mentioned you all yes secretary. Sure sure hi c. High with a high high standards will be central offices for the three. I wanted that okay yeah. We’re gonna have to hand. Going on. If you read for some reason for some that is how. Sometimes some because you know it’s going be a hard thing to with on the. Mass hi hi that’s the biggest. Okay. We aware

that there’s a couple bicker about things happening we don’t know exactly why it would be simple things on hold and searches personal paper. So they could. Media center. We are. Yeah total. Of the total nine hundred provisional ballots. You’re the breakdown provisional okay. I don’t know. If that with leave. I think the ones. Out here today how you doing today nine remember. Close of business means that on. We don’t calling weird somebody left these often have mail yeah

after there’s no way of knowing exactly think we should get closer final five all saturday people going there with. Because i’ll probably talk. About scams yeah. Promises. And normally you wouldn’t if. And if let’s one thousand that’s yes but the president or vice contacted or in los act. No position. Yeah. Thanks for your. James. This is a few things in here i don’t. If you was little pandemic a lot of so george story has a 5% this time. Or and asked how about one twenty five million

dollars. Hurricane hendryx. Question. One yeah we can’t. Calories. Six we- thank you. That’s my answer. And canada’s asking speaking the person on of. Looks like a. Five it’s. There was a lot chatham county one have one more g. So. That was. At. Seven in the council. Yes sir . One six nine. His music. Correct except. A and. One of the ones in the next. Are really hurting have to be okay. If i had a. Not where only want some players. Surviving are like twenty twenty raising us.

Thank. I really say right now because. The phone calls make sure building yes that’s- on part that. And know if you have a sort of twitter on there’s millions problem all across the country something credible complaints and has kind of some to another. On call. The state’s your sales call because we one actually protect checker of our because that’s the way. Bill fairfax. Yeah gretchen is correct. Thank. All right he would like. The run off this all happening. They would like me to

seventy outlets because it’ll be with. Yeah i don’t. George a man. So we one day. And i’m part extend three lot five card. That decision perfect. What according. Where you are. I thought are you are almost perfect

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