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George Clooney Tells Story Of Giving $1M Cash To 14 Pals

George Clooney Tells Story Of Giving $1M Cash To 14 Pals

george clooney is known as one of the most generous guys in hollywood and he’s finally telling the story of one of his most famous benevolent gestures three years ago george’s close friend randy gerber told msnbc that his famous pal once invited him and 13 of his friends over and gave them each a suitcase filled with 1 million dollars in cold hard cash in a new interview with gq george is sharing all the details behind that

incredible surprise he told the magazine that it all went down in 2013 back when he was a single man and didn’t have kids he said i thought what i do have are all these guys who’ve all over a period of 35 years helped me in one way or another i’ve slept on their couches when i was

broke they loaned me money when i was broke they helped me when i needed help over the years and i’ve helped them over the years we’re all good friends and i thought you know without them i don’t have any of this and we’re all really close and i just thought basically if i get hit by a bus they’re all in the will so why the am i waiting to get hit by a bus so he came up with the idea for the cases of cash and hatched a

secretive plan to get them he found a place where you could trade in for that many bills and took an old van down an elevator into a vault to load it up with the money after everything was set he invited his buddies over to a special dinner and got out the suitcases he said i just held up a map and i just pointed to all the places i got to go in the world and all the things i’ve gotten to see because of them and i said how do you

repay people like that and i said oh well how about a million bucks the day of that dinner was september 27 2013 and exactly one year later was the day that he and amal said i do now in addition to having his boys by his side he also has a wife and two children ella and alexander he

docked access hollywood in 2017 months before amal gave birth how’s the mall doing she looks beautiful she’s radiant yeah she’s doing great

she’s in london and working and i’ll go back there tomorrow and and we’ll hunker down we got you know kids to have she wins the prize for super mom already she’s amazing she’s amazing she’s doing some incredible work and and i i’m very proud of her every day i’m telling you

you got that look in your eye total look in your eye are you ready to be called dad i mean that’s yeah that’s i was gonna there’s a joke in there i’m just not gonna do it um but yes i am ready yeah i’m happy i’m excited the following year the couple told access about life as parents of twins we’ve met parents of twins and triplets even and we’re everybody gives you sort of that knowing look of like yeah i know you know but

it’s fun we love it it’s a it’s an adventure and it’s really fun and they’re great kids

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