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Genshin Impact Leak May Reveal Ayato Release Date

Genshin Impact Leak May Reveal Ayato Release Date

The upcoming anime series, Genshin Impact, may have leaked its release date, and the release date may have been revealed through the game’s impact leak. This leak may also hint at the element and weapon type for one of the fighters. The game’s leak, which was posted on 4chan’s /vg/ board, was quickly debunked.

The leak was posted by a user who revealed that the leak was made by a friend of a friend who works at the company that works on the game. The leak didn’t appear to be a fake leak since it revealed the same information that was found in a recent scan.

A Reddit user has come forward with an alleged leak from the Genshin Impact hack, which they claim shows off a new character named Ayato, their release date and weapon type.

Ayato is allegedly a character created by Atlus to test the hack out. Ayato is the name of a character in the first two Persona games, but there is no character quite like the one shown in the images below. For example, Ayato has long hair and is wearing a hat. Ayato also uses long range weapons in the images, which is a departure from the short range weapons that the previous characters have used.

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