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Fulton County investigation into Donald Trump moving forward

Fulton County investigation into Donald Trump moving forward

On August 21, 2019 the Fulton County investigation into Donald Trump went forward. This means that officials can continue to look through documents and financial records in order to determine whether an indictment is worth pursuing against President Trump for his actions during the 2016 presidential election campaign. The chairman of this committee stated “We know we’re getting one step closer,” indicating they will fight hard while moving on with their work without fear or favor — meaning they won’t let outside pressure influence what they do as it pertains to investigating impeachable offenses by a president under federal law and precedent set forth by former presidents like Richard Nixon who had impeachment proceedings brought up before Congress but was never prosecuted criminally because he resigned from office first.”

A Fulton County investigation into Donald Trump’s practices is moving forward. The probe will look at whether the former Celebrity Apprentice host has been using his namesake to mislead potential buyers and investors in a condo tower that was never built. No further information about the inquiry had been made available by press time, but more details are expected soon – perhaps next week when this story comes out?

A Fulton County investigation looking into Donald Trump’s real estate decisions is progressing. In particular, they’ll be investigating if he promised something would happen with plans of building condos on land which were never actually going to come through as being developed for people who thought they’d have an apartment complex where there isn’t one yet now seven years later after these claims were first said publicly while

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