Former WH Chief of Staff John Kelly criticizes Trump over delay of Biden transition

Former WH Chief of Staff John Kelly criticizes Trump over delay of Biden transition

Former WH Chief of Staff John Kelly criticizes Trump over delay of Biden transition

importantly the dust up between the governor of new york and the president united states as to who it gets to and how quickly david spun neil good morning to you from the white house president trump at the white house this morning continuing to embrace this alternate reality that he either won the race or the election was rigged in his words posted

numerous times on twitter continues to push that narrative twitter has labeled many of those tweets as misinformation but yesterday we saw the president for the first time in eight days making statements this is the longest we have not seen him for eight days he came out in the rose garden in front of supporters and medical experts to speak about operation

warp speed something his administration began pushing last spring the good news neil president trump says vaccines will be available to the masses by april just about anybody that wants one the president said will be able to get one while talking about the vaccine though as you mentioned he singled out new york governor andrew cuomo listen here he

doesn’t trust the fact that it’s this white house this administration so we won’t be delivering it to new york until we have authorization to do so and that pains me to say that this is a very successful amazing vaccine at 90 percent and more but

so the governor governor cuomo will have to let us know when he’s ready for it he tries to bully people he tries to bully governors he uses government as a retaliatory tool and as you know wolf new yorkers are not going to get bullied and i stand up for new yorkers and i’m not going to let a bully push new yorkers around the trump administration continues to block a transition to the incoming biden team former white house chief of staff and four-star marine general john kelly

out with a harsh statement that says the president putting the country in danger because he is not allowing president-elect biden to receive classified briefings so biden can hit the ground running now as far as lawsuits are concerned the trump campaign dropped a lawsuit in arizona as you know fox news was the first to call that several weeks ago actually on

election night for then vice president by now president-elect by meanwhile everything goes on here in washington even if president trump does not consider will not concede as i walked in today i could see the reviewing stand for the inauguration that’s where biden and his family will stand so things go on this happens every four years regardless but as

of now president trump no plans on conceding anytime soon still neil you know david um the governor of new york was critical of the trump rollout plan for the vaccine that’s what he is standing behind um and that the president went too far to say all right well we won’t make the vaccine available until you you have a better idea what you want to do are they

close to any agreement on this would the president really then say all right um you don’t like my rollout plan i’ll roll it out to the other governors who who want to have it well you know it all depends on timing leticia james she’s the attorney general for the state of new york she says that if for some reason the vaccine would be rolling out in what she called the

twilight of the trump administration really the next two months she said that they will sue new york will sue to make sure they get the vaccine but ultimately when you heard the timeline from president trump yesterday he said for many seniors

hopefully in december as we get into the winter months but for the most part it will be april when uh then at that point president biden as we will be calling him will be here at the white house but all indications are new york plans to sue if president trump really does try and hold back this vaccine all right we’ll watch it closely david swan thank you very much

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