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Forced to run a journalist during live reporting in Washington

Forced to run a journalist during live reporting in Washington, Washington: A senior reporter in the United States was forced to run over an animal while reporting live.

According to the details, a raccoon, an American mammal living in the trees, became an obstacle in the live broadcast of a senior journalist while he was giving the latest news about Donald Trump’s health outside the White House.

The video of the incident was widely shared on social media, in which senior CNN journalist Joey Jones can be seen running on a raccoon saying “Get out”.

The senior journalist was standing outside the White House on Tuesday and was about to go live on TV a few seconds later when the raccoon came from behind and interrupted him. The scene was recorded on camera which was widely shared on social media. ۔
As soon as he was disturbed, the journalist turned around and shouted ‘Get last’ and threw something at him so that he could run away.

Joey Jones was actually giving an update on the health of US President Donald Trump outside the White House when he suddenly saw Raccoon.

Jones tweeted after the incident that this is the second time a raccoon has interrupted a live broadcast, I think they are behind the lights.

The journalist also said that he had just thrown something to scare the raccoon away, which did not harm any animal.

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