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Florida ranks 32nd on list of best states for workers

Florida ranks 32nd on list of best states for workers

In a new study, Florida ranks 32nd on the list of best states for workers. The Sunshine State is in dead last when it comes to median wage growth and cost-of-living increases since 2007…

In a recent analysis by WalletHub, Florida ranked number thirty two out of all fifty states. This puts them in last place when considering factors such as median income growth and inflation rates over time (the years between 2007 – 2017). In terms of overall living conditions according to this report’s metrics , they rank quite high at 17th with things like average commute times being relatively low compared against most other places found here within these United States . However their ranking drops down considerably due mostly to lack luster performance concerning wages which are among some

Florida ranked 32nd in a list of the best states for workers, according to WalletHub.

Florida ranks 32nd out of 50 US States on our 2017 Best & Worst States for Workers List. The Sunshine State did not achieve high marks when it came to Work-Life Balance (47th), Shortest Average Workday (41st) and Job Security Rank Last Year Among Large Employers Overall Ranking among large employers). However, Florida fared well with Highest Annual Mean Wage at $48K per year (#11), Low Unemployment Rate #2 ), High Avg Weeks Worked Annually – 52 weeks worked each year vs 47 nationally ).

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