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First Take debates whether Jerry Jones should move on from Mike McCarthy

First Take debates whether Jerry Jones should move on from Mike McCarthy

That is a reflection of the personality of the head coach that’s just me now i could be totally wrong because i can think about guys would that happen to a hardball coach team no well bill parcells coach team a rex ryan coach because of the that played for bill parcells yeah you played for john gruden yeah you understand bill park when you talk about the personality of the coaches what would their personality have better to play like that oh they would have they would have basically allowed that to happen i could go back to the late terry glenn we played the cleveland browns in earl little dove on terry glen after terry caught the ball and steven a and max molly i was probably 30 yards away and i saw it man i ran sprinted and you know i hauled off and kicked him real good now i took points off the board because i got the penalty but

at the end of the day everybody knew why i did it because terry wasn’t going to defend himself he was just laying there and so and what would a guy like parcells tell you after a playlist well he just said you know that was stupid you just took points off the board but i understand why you did it and that was and i got it you know i understand that but now when you talk about the team in itself and mike mccarthy i said it four weeks ago i said if the dallas cowboys missed the playoffs and they win five or six games they need to hit the reset button and i know money is tied up but if i’m five six billion dollars what is 20 million dollars well you’re saying fire mccarthy now no i’ll wait till the end of the season not in i don’t care whether it’s not at the end of the season what i’m saying to you is he is clearly not not the answer not the answer for

this franchise i’m not i want to be clear i’m not saying that mike mccarthy can’t be a head coach no but not the answer for this not the right coach so what you do so what you do if you jerry jones and you stephen jones and you the the jones family is you figure out who is the right guy okay and when you hired him i thought it was a good hire but head coaches are as good as their assistants and if you’re not bringing money if you if you putting the right assistance together you can win a whole lot of games i think but his assistants are very good a guy like jimmy johnson what jerry jones didn’t like is jimmy johnson had a big ego and he was taking credit so watch this i’ll get barry switzer anyone can win yeah with jimmy johnson’s team but since the end of jimmy johnson’s team they haven’t won he brings in bill parcells parcells big ego big

personality started in the right direction then eventually he soured because bill was starting to get the credit for making a change so what i’m saying is jerry jones will make another hire but he’ll make sure one thing is certain whoever the hire is that dude ain’t getting credit if they win it’s gonna be jerry who gets credit let me play devil’s advocate for a second to be fair to mike mccarthy dak prescott did go down yes the offensive line is hurt and i understand that the defensive coordinator is not good i understand they’re setting negative records right now but is it really fair to judge him that he’s the issue when they don’t have yeah but here’s what i would say molly here’s ownership here’s what i’m going to say molly

you go back to when dak was healthy think about it when he was healthy if it wasn’t for the atlanta falcons they would say they may only have one night the first thing that i said to call out mike mccarthy was how do you get the job with the dallas cowboys and you hire mike nolan as your defensive coordinator because when they were the 31st ranked defense in atlanta in 2014 and he couldn’t get another coordinated job until you brought him on on a six years old because i was your offensive coordinator in san francisco that’s my point it’s a buddy buddy and that’s and that’s exactly why you got to go you got to be about production first but you know how to league in you know the league’s got a problem that’s why the league’s got a problem you’re going to hire who you know you you know now who’s best and i’ve never understood if you’re the boss you’re the head coach right why am i worried i mean you got to answer to me it ain’t the other way around

so i’m going to take the most confident individual because i’m not worried it’s more damning than that you take who you know because you believe what you know the right way to do it you believe that so mccarthy’s way of doing it and then they package this oh he gets the analytics now thing wasn’t working in green bay with aaron rodgers working at that yeah right because the league is constantly evolving and if you’re belichick or tomlin or or andy reid or someone who can keep up with the times and keep evolving yourself you can continue to be great and if you can’t you can’t and mccarthy has not

been able to that’s why we’re if i if i was jerry nim i’ll blow it up and go get jim harbaugh and call it a day that’s just jim harbaugh i like him as a nfl coach i’m just saying i like no i just like him in the nfl that was don’t look at the eight million nine million dollar khakis at michigan don’t look at it i’m not looking at that this is a long time ago he was a good football coach though man yeah for about three or four years oh stop yeah no three or four years at a time and then maybe there’s a little burnout with the players now he can get back and i’m okay with that three or four years if i’m the dallas cowboy yeah i’m okay with that and burn out again thanks

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