Female Anchor Saadia Afzaal Got Married to Faisal Vawda

Leading female anchor Sadia Afzal tweeted on Faisal Wawda’s election as Senator in which she tagged Faisal Wawda and wrote Congratulations Senator. In the tweet, he also shared a picture with his Faisal Voda.

According to sources, Sadia Afzal and Faisal Wada tied the knot two years ago, even then the market of rumors was hot on social media, but neither Sadia Afzal nor Faisal Wada said anything in this regard. Now, for the first time, Sadia Afzal has admitted the news of her marriage to Faisal Wada on social media. Faisal Wada, who is the leader of PTI, is already married and this is his second marriage with Sadia Afzal.


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